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Re: <nettime> The Return of DRM

On Apr 30, 2010, at 9:08 AM, Armin Medosch wrote:
> interestingly, all those things that you list in the paragraph above are
> not intellectually beyond the reach of the majority of the people. They
> only need to be told about it. I could imagine classes in digital media
> literacy containing such things on secondary school level. Lobbying
> governments to implement such aspects in curriculae would be a
> worthwhile task so that miserabilist assumptions dont come true
> best


There are people attempting to do just that. In the U.S., there is the yearly Allied Media Conference, which is an attempt to educate users and other educators about these media literacy/privacy issues. There used to be a very specific Media Literacy Symposium for educators the first day of the conference. However, they've since broken that down and integrated it into the general conference. At any rate, there are sessions by educators and media literacy specialists who work with these issues in primary and secondary education. It's inspiring to know that there are in fact youngsters getting exposed to media literacy/privacy issues. This will of course only come from the ground up. It won't get put into the curriculum directly, or indirectly through inspired educators, without support and education at the grass roots level. Just like how the Facebook privacy settings default to open third-party access, there is a vest interest by the companies to keep people in the dark about
  their privacy up to the point of legality. 


Jaime Magiera

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