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Re: <nettime> Hernando de Soto: Egypt's Economic Apartheid (WSJ)

I think It's time to read again the important book by Frantz Fanon, Black Skin White Masks" about how the colonized adopt the manners and the visions of the colonizators, how they become allies to their former oppressors.
He used Algery as model but the same pattern can be used in Africa, South America. India, Haiti, are two good exempels.

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6 feb 2011 kl. 16:35 skrev Keith Hart <>:

> The point of my post was that Hernando de Soto, neoliberal stooge and hate
> figure of the left, once wrote a couple of books that some people on this
> list might find interesting if they want to learn more about the history of
> repressive bureaucracy and the informal economy. Many peoples' lives in
> Egypt and Tunisia have been substantially defined by this pair, as they were
> in the Soviet Union and are still in many other places. This is not just a
> fabrication of the latest phase of American empire. The way forward for
> Africa and the Arab world as a whole requires an understanding of the social
> conditions under which they have lived. There are many sources for that, but
> mention of de Soto in the Egyptian context gave me the idea of making a
> link.

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