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<nettime> Color pallet and flag of new Dutch government coalition.

Color pallet and flag of new Dutch government coalition.

posted today on The Limping Messenger/De Hinkende Bode

Color pallet and flag of new Dutch government coalition.

February 20, 2010 by Tjebbe van Tijen 

After the fall of the Dutch government February 20 saturday morning 4
o?clock a new political pallet proposes itself: a coalition of
CDA/Christian democrats, PVV/Party of Freedom (Geert Wilders) and
VVD/People?s Party for Freedom and Democracy. Fusion of party colors has
been used before as a metaphor for politics (paars/Purple for the Social
democrat, Christian and Liberal coalition in the nineties). This is the new
political flag we may see soon be waving from parliament (both in a literal
and abstract version)? The seagull is the symbol used by the PVV party.

[ go to blog for picture ]

The seagull is known for its  ?harsh wailing or squawking calls? and is
described as ?a carnivore, which will take live food or scavenge
opportunistically.? The PVV as a newcomer in party life has not yet chosen
a typographical style or font. The seagull apart from its symbolism of a
free moving bird, even in harsh weather, is represented by the reflective
white of its breasts feathers, an royal house of Orange tail and dark blue
silhouette wings as seen looking up at the sky. The blue can be seen as a
reference to its liberal party origins (Geert Wilders split off as a person
from the VVD/liberal party before founding his own party and  the colour
blue was used by the VVD in their early years)

The CDA has in the last decade represented their intentions simply with the
colour green and though it is intended to be a positive ?spring green? the
suppliers of the election paraphernalia often deliver something what is
more like a poisonous fluorescent green. The typography uses a bold capital

The VVD has a short while ago switched over to the popular orangist and
national football team colour orange with a remnant of the old liberal
colour blue. There is a small white line in their letter based logo, behind
the ?D? of democracy (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie/people?s
party for freedom and democracy).  As none of the colours used by these
potential new government coalition partners (I have taken the colours as
used on their web sites) belongs to the pallet of primary colours, the net
result of mixing colours gives a ?drab? and indistinct effect.  Another
possible political pallet would be a red/green coalition, with PvdA (social
democrats) and SP (socialist party, former maoists) for the red and D66
(new liberals) and Groen Links (Green Left) both using different grades of
green, with groen Linjks mostly adding some spots of red in their differing

Tjebbe van Tijen
Imaginary Museum Projects
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