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Re: <nettime> Blues in the American salon: "Digital Nation": What has the Internet done to us?

Hi Geert,

Hmmm... Its a fun piece but...well... at least from where I'm sitting at the
So Doug Rushkoff feels a wee bit overwhelmed and PBS uses television as a
megaphone to announce this, well frankly that rather underwhelms me
(although I have some respect for Rushkoff as a cultural observer/canary...
The folks in Long Lamai (a Penan village a couple of hours by longboat up a
nameless river in the Borneo Highlands
or in Bario (a fly-in community using the Internet to become a
communications and technology hub for "The Heart of Borneo"
and-the-creation-of-a-technology-hub-in-the-highlands-of-borneo/, or even
the really severely disabled kids I just saw very happily learning how to
name colours with a piece of software somebody downloaded off the net in
Alor Gajah Malacca, would probably think his comments (and those of PBS) as
being rather of the Paris Hilton does Steinbeck variety... The laments of
the rich and bored...
My application to PBS for equal time is in the mail ;-)

Mike Gurstein

Michael Gurstein, Ph.D.
Director: Centre for Community Informatics Research, Development and
Vancouver, CANADA
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(Hi, where does this collective tiredness come from? Can someone  
explain this? Is it the winter? Depressed politics? Cold turkey post- 
Xmas feelings? Agreed, the weather is bad. Obama sucks. And the iPad  
is yet another disappointment. The 'I told you so attitude' doesn't  
bring much, I guess. Is it the great influence of Jaron Lanier on the  
American psyche? You tell me. Ciao, Geert)

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