carl guderian on Wed, 30 Dec 2009 15:36:54 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Third Party Politics, or After the Republi-crat Orgy

I agree. Vote for the third party candidate in your local election.  
Better yet, be that candidate and help build a third party that can  
appeal to voters and can demonstrate the ability to govern at the  
local level. If you and enough people care enough to do these things,  
the third party may be viable at a state and/or national level and  
one day field credible legislators and presidential candidates.  
Beware: this involves getting one's hands dirty, not least through  
working with those two other awful parties. Just aske Bernie Sanders.

Until the above things are accomplished, votes for alternative  
candidates, especially ones who've never worked with anybody, are  
wasted and you might as well not bother.


On 22-dec-2009, at 23:19, Nicholas Ruiz III wrote:

> December 22, 2009
> The Metaphysics of Capital

> But if you wish for the idea of progress that has disappeared, or
> the prospect of prosperity that has disappeared, or the idea of
> politics that has disappeared - and instead all of which continue,
> as Baudrillard once suggested, as a game in secret indifference to
> what is truly at stake in all of these concepts - then vote for a
> third party candidate who speaks to your heart. A guarantee for a
> progressive turn? No, of course not - but in all certainty, a viable
> chance, at least, that has not already been decided upon in advance by
> the Republi-crat involution.

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