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<nettime> Support detained migrants in Holland

this a call to support the work of he Migrant to Migrant Foundation

Their names are Blaise, Mohamed, Ricky

Three among the thousands of migrants in detention in Holland.
Blaise just spent 2 weeks in isolation. This was his punishment for
fighting against his deportation. Mohamed is now almost one year
detained at Schiphol Oost. He will soon be out on the street without
money or rights. He has to rely on friendship to survive. Ricky is a
traumatized victim of the Schiphol Fire, and once again detained to
be deported. He has a criminal record, which weighs heavier than the
responsibility of the state for the fire that caused his trauma.

These three migrants need to talk with friends, lawyers and doctors  .
Like anybody else they need to talk with their families around the   .
world They call on M2M to ask for help, to find their way out of     .
injustice For themselves and for their brothers on the block And they.
ask M2M to give them phone cards M2M is doing just that since March  .
2009                                                                 .

We organized awareness and support for the detained migrants in
Schiphol Oost, Alphen aan den Rijn and Zaandam. We recorded their
calls, we visited them and received them when they were released.
In return they acted in solidairity with Ahmed Issa during his
trial. Sali, the young guy from Ghana, never gave up and kept the
spirit high. He made a rap for Ahmed Issa which he performed in the
Worldhouse, after his release, and on the phone to Ahmed Issa in

M2M is here to make connections, to communicate, as migrants to
migrants. We do this without a penny of subsidy, as an independent

M2M received in the last years some 700 Euro from Dutch speakers to
contribute to the costs of telephone calls.

Now we ask our English readers to make a similar contribution. Please
donate 10 euro to M2M so we can continue to provide this human right
to communicate.

Our bank account is on the contact page of M2M:

You can also buy a card (Cobra, LIPS, Eurocity) yourself and send the
code to M2M

thanks a lot!

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