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<nettime> Rome- Communicative action in Solidarity with German students

Today, during the national strike of education, thousands of students made
demonstrations in several italian cities against cuts funding and claiming
basic income and autonomy of research.

During the demonstration in Rome students shouted their solidarity to German
students who have been evicted from university in the last week in different
German cities. Above all in Frankfurt more than 170 students have been
identified, five of them have been hit by police needing hospital aid, and
all students have been denounced for illegal occupation.

After these facts students decided to express their solidarity showing a
banner *in front of the Embassy of Germany that said "Make our university!
solidarity with German students"* shouting that our struggle is a common
one, we won't pay for your crisis, we want money for education now and we're
already making our university!

See photos and news<>

*Speech of austrian students during the demonstration is coming..more info

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