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<nettime> Fwd: looking for good intro text

There's an excellent conversation going on on frameworks, an ancient  
listserv dedicated to experimental film practice and criticism.

It started out about good experimental film books, the lack of market  
for them (not enough uni courses to sell textbooks) and became a  
discussion generally about student reading and the death of books.   
I.e. one professor lamenting that when he assigned readings, students  
actually went to the dean to complain that they had to read books!

Anyway, this message below seems especially good for nettime.  It's  
about learning from youtube and an experiment to figure out what  
happens when this dominant media culture is allowed to rule the  
university classroom.

The frameworks discussion is archived, by thread or date, at 
http://www.hi-beam.net/fw/fw41/0642.html .

Nettime, meet frameworks!

(PS - anyone know a simple way to cross-post?  Was going to do it but  
anyone replying to both would get rejected unless they signed up for  
the opposite list - seems clunky!!)

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From: Chuck Kleinhans <chuckkle@NORTHWESTERN.EDU>
Date: December 8, 2009 12:44:07 AM PST (CA)
Subject: Re: looking for good intro text
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In continuation of Patty Zimmerman's points about new media and  
pedagogy, one of the smartest articles I know on the subject, from  
Alex Juhasz based on her experience teaching a course on YouTube


Her site/blog covers a lot of terrain and is well worth exploring:


Chuck Kleinhans

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <PipChod@aol.com>.

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