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<nettime> Streamflow Conditions + Timestamp exhibition + live writing event

Streamflow Conditions
*Charting a poetics of language, code, and networks*
*Timestamp *
*24 hours of networked writing*

*an online exhibition and live writing event launching Saturday, Dec. 5,
2009 @ Subito Press*
John Cayley (CA)
Roderick Coover (US)
Ian Hatcher (US)
Mez (AU)
Jos? Carlos Silvestre (BR)
Stephanie Strickland & Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo (US)
Rui Torres (PT)

code poetry ~~ code proper ~~ ghosts in the network ~~ river expeditions ~~
edges of chaos ~~ immersive horizons ~~ eco-poetics

Beginning at 4:35pm MST (sunset in Denver, Colorado) on December 5, 2009,
the artists of the online exhibition, Streamflow Conditions, will perform
online for 24 hours* through networked writing, live coding, streaming
video, or other means.

Each artist will occupy a 4-hour shift, and the schedule is designed to
facilitate audiences outside of the artists' individual timezones. Writing
or links to activity will be posted to the shared twitter account,
"timestampstream" and intercepted at Subito Press. You are invited to follow
along and respond.

The performances will end at 4:35pm MST on Sunday, December 6.

*see schedule of shifts at the end of announcement and use this link to
translate into your timezone:

+ (follow/respond)


Streamflow Conditions** is an online exhibition of electronic literature and
networked writing curated by Judd Morrissey at the invitation of Subito
Press at the University of Colorado. Beginning with a site-specific
consideration of the Colorado landscape and its engineered waterways, the
selection of works examines discrete markers in the contemporary data-scape
of writing within networked culture. The artists and works chosen each
represent an innovative use of language in conjunction with code, data, or
networked spaces. The exhibition as a whole engages the overflowing
boundaries between presence, process, and object at a time when currents of
digital literary practice meet the culture and corpus of writing online (&
the imminent google waves).

**gallery of works still under construction but please explore the site.
[ use this to translate into your timezone: ]

1. Dec. 5, 4:35pm MST: Mez Breeze

2. Dec. 5, 8:35pm MST: Ian Hatcher

3. Dec. 6, 12:35am MST: Rui Torres

4. Dec. 6, 4:35am MST: Jos? Carlos Silvestre

5. Dec. 6, 8:35am MST: Roderick Coover

6. Dec 6, 12:35pm MST: John Cayley

Reality Engineer>
Synthetic Environment Strategist>
Game[r + ] Theorist.
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