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Re: <nettime> Palin, Beck, Limbaugh: The Rabid Responders (fwd)

Screaming is screaming, pointless venting, a spoiled child
substitute for slow deliberate and sustained action toward
solving of specific problems with accurately developed and
aimed solutions. Screaming about health care does not
provide, nor did screaming about the Iraqi and Afghani
wars prevented them. Then as now, the administration goes
about its deeds as it chooses and sends organizers out
to encourage the screamers to shout themselves into
insensibility, to get them to feel they have made a difference.

Meanwhile the backhall campaigns thrive amply hidden
by the town halls and traveling presidential road shows
orchestrated by all stripes across the spectrum. Witness
the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq and other countries
all too loudly professing democracy, as paid to do, ahem,
following the western enlightened freedom-loving model
beloved by well-funded if not entenured auth-oratorians.

Deft contrasts of rhetorical ploys are the very means
used to disreputate dissent that does not fit the majoratorian
narrow-banded either-or choices (pathetic Kierkegaardianism).
First year Polysci avidity which has to be beaten out of
hard-nosed idealists when they hit the street.

Prepare to be duped: Left and right are deadends, long ago
adopted by sheniganianists all of whom are warlovers
of the armchair.

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