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<nettime> Animals & Humans in city parks: whose terrain?

August 10, 2009 by Tjebbe van Tijen in the The Limping Messenger:
How to do a poll on the level of appreciation of animals of human  
loud music festivals in public parks and if needed to take  
appropriate measures? As policy change can be slow, I just designed a  
set of earmuffs for the rabbits of the Amsterdam Oosterpark (as they  
have an extreme sensitive hearing apparatus)

The ?partying nation? Holland will not fail to use any occasion to  
throw a public manifestation of leisurely fun which, since   
ubiquitous cheap electronic sound amplifying devices have become  
available, means lots of noise enhanced by  lots of drinks. One of  
the favorite venues for these undertakings is the Amsterdam  
Oosterpark which recently hosted a festival called ?Appelsap? (apple  
juice) organized by a bunch of  friends, all hip hop afinados, which  
was certainly not non-alcoholic, with Heineken as one of the main  
sponsors. ?THE best) Dutch hiphop-events. In the beautiful Oosterpark  
we take hiphop back to its roots?, reads their web site. Lots of fun  
for sure: out, proud & loud ? but what about  ? the roots of the park  
and what makes up its  innate beauty?


What then,was the idea of having a city park? Bringing nature -in an  
organized human format ? into the city? Giving the experience of a  
garden to those who did not have one? Breathing fresh air? A  
practicing ground for civic behavior? A place to show yourself and   
your family if you were wealthy enough? A way to get some  
understanding of nature ? for alienated city dwellers? Or is all that  
totally out of fashion and should we better think about  a dropping- 
ground for children, a jogging parcours,  a skaters circuit, a music  
esplanade, a juvenile hang-out, a cruising area,  a chill-out spot?  
Is there any possibility to fuse modern city culture with its  
apparent need for loud sounds and mass audiences with an ecological  
attitude that can be branded ?modern? as well?  Can these two  
practices  be reconciled at all? Might it be an idea to get as aware  
of people?s ?noise habits? as we are of  people?s ?drinking habbits??


the fully illustrated and documented version can be read at: 

Tjebbe van Tijen

Imaginary Museum Projects

Dramatizing Historical Information
web-blog: The Limping Messenger

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