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<nettime> Access to Knowledge movement

Access to Knowledge movement

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The Access to Knowledge (A2K) movement is a loose collection
of civil society groups, governments, and individuals
converging on the idea that access to knowledge should be
linked to fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and
economic development.


A2K treaty from CPTech:

Open access (publishing)

Draft Text of the A2K Treaty

Consumer Project on Technology's A2K resources

Seed's Freedom from IPR

Yale Law School A2K Research Program

A2K Brazil

A2K Derechos Digitales (Chile) (Spanish)

Bibliotheca Alexandrina's A2K Portal (English/Arabic)

Consumers International's

Jack Balkin's "What is Access to Knowledge?"

Yochai Benkler's "The Idea of Access to Knowledge" (PDF)

Peter Suber's Open Access Overview

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