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<nettime> Ippolita Collective, The Dark face of Google translation: state of the situation now.

Hello Nettimers,

Back in the Netherlands, where the weather is 'glorious' (for once!)

As you have seen, the translation of Ippolita Collective's book on Google
is completed (see the nettime archives).

Two people, independently from each others - and from me! - have
reformated the whole thing into a PdF for your easy perusal (just ask for
it - and be patient ;-). In keeping with hallowed Dutch
peasant/trader/pirate traditions I have NOT thanked them yet for their
efforts. This is of course highly shameful! Please guys, accept all my
confused apologies and a public word of thanks before contacting you

As the text now stands there a still a few non trivial hurdles before

(i) The notes are not translated yet. I am thinking about translating only
the 'substantial' ones (those offering additiions & clarification) and
either leaving the 'reference' (sources) notes out altogether or only
giving the titles.

(ii) the translation is based on the French version of the book, itself a
translation from the Italian original. As you might have observed there
are (quite) a few problems with that. It need to be sorted out from out
the original.

So where do we go from there?

I will shortly 'consult' with Ippolita about checking the whole thing from
out the original and rectifying the text where the need arises.

More importantly, an 'actualisation' of the text appears in order in view
of the fast evolving of the activities and reach of the 'research subject'
(Google), not only to fill the gap of two years between writing the book
and now, but also in view of the near future/ the impact of the 'systemic'
crisis we're in.

Regarding publication in book form in English, it's a bit vague right now.
There was an enquiry from a publisher in the US (no prize for guessing who
;-) but no apparent follow-up from his side till now. The _commercial_
rights to the text (CC 2) are with Feltrinelli Editore, as that might be
an obstacle.

However, given a pdf format, DYI printing/ print on demand formula look
like the avenue to go. Time will tell.

And finally a word of thanks for the nettimers who have encouraged and
commented on the project, and of course for my sponsors in one way or
another (see the archives).

Cheers to All,
patrizio and Diiiinooos!

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