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<nettime> Revising/Revisiting the Avant-Garde London July 3rd

Revising/Revisiting the Avant-Garde

Friday July 3rd 2009
Visual and Material Culture Research Centre
Dorich House, Kingston University, London

The concept of the avant-garde is arguably the most important and  
influential one in the history of modern art, but it is a notion often  
left unexamined. We are prompted to ask - which avant-garde? In the  
context of the recent popularity of a return to the issues of  
modernism within contemporary art and criticism, this conference  
proposes a critical re-engagement with the theory, histories and  
politics of the avant-garde. The conference is intended to make  
original connections between a range of moments in the history of the  
artistic avant-garde, and to explore its relevance for contemporary  
cultural and social issues. It will focus, in particular, on the  
endurance of avant-garde approaches across the twentieth-century and  
their contemporary resonances.

09.00 Registration.

09.30 Sylvere Lotringer ? TBA.

10.15 Gavin Grindon ? On Strike Against Society: Aesthetic and  
Political Autonomy in the Project of the Radical Avant-Garde.

11.00 David Cottington ? Historicising the ?Historic Avant-Garde.?

11.45 Break for lunch

12.30 Gerald Raunig ? Keynote Speech.

13.15 Anja Kanngieser - ?Revolution is Not ?Showing? Life to People,  
But Making Them Live?: The Aesthetic Political Gestures of Berlin Dada  
and the Situationist International.

14.00 Gillian Whiteley ? Provocative Praxis: Activism and the  
Political Avant-Garde.

14.45 Break for tea and coffee

15.00 Franco Berardi ? The Century That Trusted in the Future

15.45 Lina Stergiou ? Beyond the Myth of Creative Genius: Architecture  
and Activism.

16.30 Stevphen Shukaitis ? The Artistic D?rivative, or Splitting Dead  

17.30 Ends.

Location: 67-69 Kingston Vale
London SW15 3RN

Prices: Day pass, including lunch and drinks: ?60 / Student  
concession: ?25
To book please contact

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