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<nettime> The perfect Wave. 10.000 against G8, charges and fights into the red zone

19th May- Turin- Italy

*The Anomalous Wave has invaded the streets, and blocked the cities again,
and again has conflicted on the link education-work, starting from the
protests against the unsustainable and illegitimate G8 University Summit. In
Turin, ten thousands students, moving from the Block G8 Building,decided to
march across the centre, sanctioning banks and temporary employment agency,
crying again that "We won't pay for your crisis". The whole Wave decided to
break into the red zone, not to accept prohibitions to the freedom of
movement, and to try to reach the venue of the illegitimate summit of the
chancellors' baronial lobby: we protected the demonstration from the charges
and we denounce the massive and excessive use of tear gas thrown at eye
level against students. Yet another Wave that subverts the G8 University
Summit, once again we demonstrate our dissent, day after day in every
faculty we build up the autonomous university by the "self reform", we build
up the reappropriation of income and the autonomous production of knowledge!

The Perfect Wave is the best wave to surf, the wave that is worth a life for
every surfer. The wave of this morning in Turin was the best wave as
possible. Months after the autumn demonstrations and after being given up
for dead, we proved to be alive and kickin'. Today we took the streets for a
new and great seastorm, invading the streets of Turin, armoured to protect
barons and feudatories of the university in crisis. Coming from all over
Italy (someone even from beyond Italy's borders) we expressed all our
opposition to this unsustainable G8 University Summit. We rejected the
arrogance of the G8 of the chancellors - that barricaded themselves inside
the Valentino's castle - trying to hunt them out with the determination and
participation of those who know that their future is at stake.

We protested against the illegitimacy of G8 University Summit reaffirming
that chancellors and CRUI, promoter of the Summit, are the (il)legitimate
representatives of a university that survives in the rubbles. Instead, we
are the concrete expression of an impossibile representation that does not
delegate to anyone claims, demands and projects.

10.000 students from all over Italy in a quick, determined and steady, happy
but angry march that in a great hurry reached the summit location, without
forgetting to hit the symbol of the crisis (banks and temporary employment
agency), trying to break down the wall of army interposed between our own
need (and dream) and the authorities of a university that is not sustainable
at all.

Today we pointed out, once more, that we won't pay for your crisis, on the
contrary, we'll use every occasion to overturn the crisis against you.
Knowing that this is a passage from the extraordinary autumn we left behind
us and the one coming: dense of expectations with new spaces of actions
inside the crisis.

At the end of the demonstration, a public assembly, shared, collective and
participated by the all local articulation of the wave, decided to take upon
itself the whole of the events and practices put to use in this day of
conflict and reappropriation of spaces and visibility. Furthermore, the
assembly expressed solidarity to those two students arrested, claiming their
immediate release. we'll never leave them alone!

Here is the perfect wave...

Anomalous Wave_ Italy

more info, photos and videos:

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