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Re: <nettime> Media Mutations - Life | Registration | Simulation (was: Political Work in the Aftermath of the New Media Arts Crisis)

>> [...] Arts

> what art

> True, art

In short: No money (as one of the forms of profit) without art, no art
without politics. This is a simple formula and any Baudrillard would
have secretly subcribed this, even in an epoch of ended (Hegel and 
followers) or never realized (Debord and followers) art. The fact is,
we* don't need art as art, but -- and someone like jaromil shows this
to us** -- we need other conditions, as painting, code or video or
diy-cooking if you like, I don't care -- changing media is always good.
But we are not able to produce the conditions 'now' -- like someone like
jaromil is may thinking -- because the conditions produce us, alienate
us; they will allways produce us (products produce consumption and vice
versa), but these conditions are (straightforward now) have to be
uncaged from ruling modes of production, in the meant sector reproduced
by national institutions (ZKM in Germany, Ex-Montevideo in NL, your
personal MTV at home). The New Media Arts Crisis is not my crisis, It's
just the crisis of the middle-class (Yuppie or not, fallen programmer or
rising video-installer) in form of some arts with newer or older media,
may it a t-shirt or an lcd. So there is no aftermath here but the
effects of a mixed up (I love this status and condition) highbrow, baby!
elite meshed with an alternative "green" and independent buisness party
with no idea of real coding out there (forget networks, they are roped
* and ** Me, I and you as the readers who follows this text.


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