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Re: <nettime> 'Debating German Media Theory in Siegen: The Word from Berlin

>Again, German academia is largely responsible as international
>experience has little importance for your university career there,
>and despite all the rhetoric of globalization etc, teaching
>experience abroad is rarely rewarded, if you have not been at a
>handful of American Ivy League universities or in German-speaking
>Austria and Switzerland.

concerning the academic situation in Germany and Austria, what I
observe since some time now, is the fact, that quite (maybe too) many
german theorists are not teaching in Germany, but in Austria. and its
not working the other way round, as I see it.

why is that so?

is german media theory written in Austria?
are not enough jobs available in Germany?

am  I overseeing something ?

when I compare the german academic situation, I dont see the openess
towards Austrian attitudes in reverse. 1st hand information by media
artists like me (as in my case originally from Austria, living in
Germany) is not really in demand, which is strange.

examples for key positions :

dieter daniels in linz/A
oliver grau in krems/A
diedrich diedrichsen in vienna/A

and others

greetings from frankfurt

elisa rose

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