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Re: <nettime> Debating German Media Theory in Siegen

Geoffrey W-Y wrote:

> And for a Canadian such as myself it is intriguing to note certain
> parallels between the roles played by Kittler, Luhman etc. on the one
> hand and McLuhan and Innis on the other other.

Woe Canada, given the theoretical import of McLuhan for Kittler, as well as
another difference between Canada and the US, insofar as forms of (critical)
'media' theory continued on in Communications departments, notably SFU,
McGill and Concordia, none of which are focused on mass communications nor

In short, many US departments are struggling to become what the Canadian
departments already are.

In this breath, we might speak of a 'Canadian' media theory, but us Canucks
are notoriously modest in this regard, and although some think we speak
'Canadian', we've always been unable to define what, if anything, Canada as
a 'nation' actually is.

Back to the playoffs ..

// tV

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