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Today's Topics:

   1. {JiaoCha Project} Exhibition / Performances : Museum	Of
      Contemporary Art, Taipei (Taiwan) (BlueScreen)
   2. Fwd: [spectre] Call for Applications Fall ?09 Admissions UvA
      New Media MA (Mason Dixon)
   3. A Vernacular of Dissent : Urbana Independent Media	Center
      (Mason Dixon)
   4. Fwd: CFP: Sixth International Conference on Remote
      Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation (REV 2009) (MGFest -- Mason)


Message: 1
Date: 28 Mar 2009 11:22:43 +0100
From: BlueScreen <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> {JiaoCha Project} Exhibition / Performances :
	Museum	Of Contemporary Art, Taipei (Taiwan)
To: nettime-ann <>
Message-ID: <>
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//(text for humans bellow)

~~~~~ J i a o C h a ~~~~~ {JiaoCha News # 02 | BlueMail # 25}
~ New JiaoCha Event today : Museum Of Contemporary Art, Taipei;
006::____________> [global] JiaoCha Project 
008::____________> { }
014::____________> [jian] a jiaocha experience
015::____________> Museum Of Contemporary Art, Taipei (Taiwan)
017::____________> Installation / Performances
018::____________> By BlueScreen && Huang Pei-Shan
020::____________> Produced By Puppet and its Double Company
023::____________> Exhibition: 03/27 > 04/26
024::____________> Performances: 03/27 > 03/29 && 04/17 > 04/19 
032::____________> Some files:
063:: --> [jiaocha]
063:: Action of things infecting one another by encounter.
065:: State of things crossing each other, totally or partially.

There, waiting for one gaze. Like everyday, we meet without a word spoken, through the tacit agreement that gives our relationship such a unique fragrance. After all, we don't know anything about one another. Yet, there is always an intense moment in sharing the closeness that has developed through our silent exchanges. Then we let ourselves go looking at each other's images. From the overlapping of our images, it emerges one exceptional visual vibration. While people&#8217;s images overlaps mine, their unique lives and worlds appear in front of me. While my images overlap theirs, my own life and world gradually reveals. 

Background and online process

Behind the pseudonym of BlueScreen, my approach in the past ten years has been based on the singular use of communication media, such as the internet; and with the desire to fully consider them as artistic media. Sculpting digital material with the practice of codes and the use of languages is the emergence of this new artistic form with its inseparable media. Relevant information in this field is accessible at:

The idea of the project JiaoCha was born in 2004 after I spent some weeks in a city of Yunnan. It was a Chinese region where the population speaks almost exclusively Mandarin, a language that I do not speak. What initially challenged me were the non-verbal forms of communication that emanated from the contact with a population with which I did not share the language. When meanings disappeared to leave place to other things, there were some poetic exchanges which seem to spout out almost naturally with the absence of words. The starting point of the JiaoCha project was there: to allow, at the first time via the internet, the emergence of those sensitive experiences and poetic exchanges between distant individuals and the cultures of different languages. 

What happens when we lack words? Which particular language can be established beyond languages, the distances and the shared codes that melded such and such a language? What new rapports can emerge from the exchange and the fusion of pixels on a shared virtual surface?

The modality of the jiaocha process that I posed today have been gradually taken form the accumulated experiences from the past two years. This period of time will have been marked by the concept and the experiment of various processed non-verbal exchanges online and sometimes of what they experimented with some users in Europe and Asia. 

The online interface, developed specifically for this project, proposed to two users that know each other or not and to enter actual physical contact, but they continue a visual dialog with the successive exchange of jiaoca (crossing). It is not, however, the goal of the project in the production of such images but more the ephemeral true &#8211; life experience for those who practice it.

Present and international experiences 

Since the online opening of the JiaoCha process to the grand public, the project has progressively opened to different groups in many countries. Each one of these JiaoCha Experiences is an unique adventure. Based on a specific use of this JiaoCha process, different groups of people are implicated to push the project toward aother formal and significant level. &#38291; is one example. it was born from the meeting of BlueScreen and Peishan Huang, a young Taiwanese director. 

066:: --> [&#38291;]
067:: The light which goes through the slit of the door, an immaterial being, and the distance we cannot measure

The ??in between?? was born from the emptiness. Where there is distance, there is space; the space between the peoples, the space between the instants, the space between the fragments of time, and the space between yourself and your images. The lack of words shatters the notion of time, and implements a new distance between you and the world around: The image in front of you can suddenly be so distant as if behind the stage, while the past can reappear vividly next to the present.

The creation fancied by Pei-Shan Huang and BlueScreen is the result of one year working together in France and Taiwan. It is also the outcome of one-year exchange and the experiment with the Puppet and its double Theatre Company. We looked for junction points between our various sensitivities, between the Taiwanese culture and a certain occidental approach, but also between theatrical forms, contemporary art and new media.

It is not a matter of mixing or sticking to our own cultures but to look for a real crossing. We proposed, therefore, an experimental creation; a creation which will have to go out of its frames and try to cross border zones.
Thus, thanks for meeting our practices, we are trying to experiment new forms of communication.

For five weeks, the creation will be displayed on MOCA walls under the form of an interactive installation. Beyond what we commonly mean by installation, &#38291;is primarily a ??space??. More than just to display the pictures, the installation is put in a way to allow people to perceive our environment, propose a moment to experience, and a time to share. It is like that between the walls and the people, that in the empty, it is happening.

During the six days of performance with the Puppet and its Double Company, the space will be inhabited and become alive. What takes place in the installation is not the theater itself, even less a puppet show. It is another dimention of a global creation. an experience which goes beyond the frames, plays with the space and the emptiness, makes the intangible space between the people visible. It drives you to rediscover your connections with others in a poetic way.



Message: 2
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 12:10:00 -0500
From: Mason Dixon <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> Fwd: [spectre] Call for Applications Fall ?09
	Admissions UvA New Media MA
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Begin forwarded message:

> Call for Applications Fall ?09 Admissions UvA New Media MA
> The New Media International MA program at UvA has issued a call for
> applications for students who would like to begin study in Fall 2009.
> We already have an impressive pool of applicants and encourage
> additional applications in order to recruit the best incoming class.
> Please feel free to share with colleagues and friends who may be
> interested and who would make a valuable contribution to the program.
> Direct link to the .pdf of the call for applications:
> Overview
> The International M.A. in New Media & Digital Culture (NMMA) at the
> University of Amsterdam (UvA) is accepting applications for the
> 2009-2010 academic year. The NMMA is a one-year residence program
> undertaken in English at UvA in the heart of Amsterdam.  Students
> become actively engaged in critical Internet culture, with an emphasis
> on new media theory and aesthetics, including theoretical materialist
> traditions and practical information visualization trends. Our
> permanent faculty are recognized experts in their fields, and
> committed to their students.  The program admits up to forty students
> per year, classes are no larger than 20 and typically smaller, and the
> faculty-to-student ratio is 1:8.
> Curriculum
> The curriculum has two complementary tracks that all students follow:
> the theoretical track (New Media Theories and Digital Aesthetics) and
> the practical-empirical track (Academic Blogging, Digital Research
> Methods and Information Visualization). The final thesis, a
> contribution to digital media studies, rounds out the program.
> 1st Semester: students follow a practical course in academic blogging,
> led by Internet theorist and tactical media practitioner Geert Lovink.
> Their entries generate the internationally noted Masters of Media
> site, which currently has the high authority ranking of 43 on
> Technorati ( The concurrent new
> media theories course focuses on classic texts by innovators from Alan
> Turing to Tim Berners-Lee. The final first semester class, Digital
> Research Methods, trains students in new techniques for studying the
> Internet (
> 2nd Semester: the student chooses between courses on digital
> aesthetics or information visualization, the former more theoretically
> inclined in the traditions of art history and visual culture, and the
> latter a joint practical-empirical collaboration between designers,
> programmers and analysts, where the product is an online tool or
> digital visualization. The course of study concludes with the M.A.
> thesis, an original analysis that makes a contribution to the field,
> undertaken with the close mentorship of a faculty supervisor. The
> graduation ceremony includes an international symposium with renowned
> speakers. Graduates of the NMMA have gained an analytical and
> practical skill-set that enables diverse careers in research and
> practice-related areas that make use of the Internet, including
> business, government, NGOs, and creative industries that are evolving
> with emerging new media.  Our graduates include Bauke Freiburg,
> Founder of Fab Channel and Eva Kol, whose MA thesis, Hyves, was
> published by Kosmos in 2008 and sold over 5000 copies its first year
> in print.
> Student Life
> The quality-of-living in Amsterdam ranks among the highest of
> international capitals. UvA?s competitive tuition (see below) and the
> ubiquity of spoken English both on and off-campus make the program
> especially accommodating for foreign students. The city?s many venues,
> festivals, and other events provide remarkably rich cultural offerings
> and displays of technological innovation.  The program has ties to
> organizations including PICNIC, the Waag Society, Mediamatic, Virtueel
> Platform, Netherlands Institute for Media Art, and other cultural
> institutions.  Students attend and blog, twitter or otherwise capture
> local events, while commenting as well on larger international issues
> and trends pertaining to new media. The quality of student life is
> equally to be found in the university?s lively and varied intellectual
> climate.  NMMA students come from North and South America, Africa, and
> across Europe and from academic and professional backgrounds including
> journalism, art and design, engineering, marketing, the humanities and
> social sciences.
> Faculty
> Richard Rogers, Professor and Chair.  Web Epistemology. Publications
> include Information Politics on the Web (MIT, 2004/2005), awarded
> American Society for Information Science and Technology?s 2005 Best
> Information Science Book of the Year Award. Founding director of
> Geert Lovink, Associate Professor.  Critical Internet theory, Tactical
> Media. Publications include Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical
> Internet Culture (Routledge, 2007). Co-founder nettime list (1995 ?
> present); founder, Institute of Network Cultures, 2004.
> Jan Simons, Associate Professor. Mobile Culture, Gaming, Film Theory.
> Publications include Playing The Waves: Lars von Trier's Game Cinema
> (U Amsterdam P, 2007). Project Director, Mobile Learning Game Kit,
> Senior Member, Digital Games research group.
> Yuri Engelhardt, Assistant Professor.  Computer modeling and
> information visualization. Publications include The Language of
> Graphics (2002); founder and moderator of InfoDesign (1995-9);
> co-developer of Future Planet Studies at UvA.
> Edward Shanken, Assistant Professor.  Digital aesthetics, visual
> culture.  Publications include Art and Electronic Media (Phaidon,
> 2009) and Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology and
> Consciousness (U Cal P, 2003).
> Application and Deadline
> 1 April for Fall 2009.  Applicants will be notified around 15 June.
> Applications received after 1 April may be considered if places are
> available.  See
> for details.
> More Info & Questions
> ?       International M.A. in New Media & Digital Culture - University
> of Amsterdam:
> ?       Graduate School for Humanities General Information:
> ?       Tuition and Fees:
> ?       Further general questions? Please write to UvA?s Graduate  
> School of
> the Humanities, graduateschoolhumanities-fgw ?at?
> ?       Specific questions about the curriculum? Please write to  
> Richard
> Rogers, Chair in New Media & Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam,
> rogers ?at?
> ______________________________________________
> SPECTRE list for media culture in Deep Europe
> Info, archive and help:


Message: 3
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 12:12:50 -0500
From: Mason Dixon <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> A Vernacular of Dissent : Urbana Independent
	Media	Center
To: nettime-ann <>
Message-ID: <>
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> Below is a  call for submissions for an exhibition to be held at the  
> Urbana Independent Media Center in Urbana-Champaign Il. It is being  
> organized by students of mine Daryl McCurdy and Joe Anderson. A  
> contact email if you are interested in submitting work:
> best,
> Bonnie
> Call for Submissions
> A Vernacular of Dissent:  American Expression and the America of
> George W. Bush  It has been widely acknowledged in the United States  
> and abroad that the past eight years of American politics and   
> policy have been fraught with controversy and intense opinions  
> ranging from patriotism to anti-nationalism, support to  
> demonization. Not only have politics come to the emotional forefront  
> in the mind of Americans, but for artists it has become a topic for  
> expression. During the Bush administration artists, activists, and  
> everyday citizens alike began and continue to contribute to a  
> developing vernacular of dissent specific to the previous  
> administration and its vision.  Two wars, torture, and Guantanamo  
> Bay, among other hotbeds for content, continue to inspire the  
> creation of both expository and activist literature and artwork that  
> deals explicitly with political issues. There is a widespread  
> impulse in artistic production and reception to hold artwork to a  
> timeless standard. As political artwork is rooted in the present as  
> a reaction to a specific moment in history, this connection to  
> enduring relevance is made problematic. What does the displaced  
> status of political art do to the power its images? What happens to  
> these images once a specific political condition has passed? In this  
> exhibition we aim to create an archive of sorts that documents  
> instances of American dissent. What role does this recent history  
> play in the formation and realization of ideas of the now? Does the  
> potency of political art loose weight now that there is a new  
> administration in Washington? Will America?s current fascination  
> with the vision of Hope provided by the incoming administration  
> render these works and their collective vernacular of dissent as  
> artifacts of American hysteria?
> For an upcoming exhibition, we will be accepting submissions for any  
> variety of expression made during, and/or in response to the past  
> eight years of American political trajectory, as well as current  
> explorations of contemporary political sentiment. Possible  
> submissions may be, but are not limited to, painting, video,  
> illustration, essays, pamphlets, or documentation of protests.
> May 7 - 9, Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
> Please submit a proposal that includes documentation, installation  
> information, and contact information. Documentation may be in the  
> form of, but not limited to: sketches, written material, CD or DVD.   
> Please be clear about what, if any, multi-media equipment your work
> requires.  Submissions should include detailed consideration of  
> display materials. We have a limited budget for installation and  
> exhibition expenses and will not be able to admit art that is  
> expensive or excessively difficult to install, no matter how much  
> we?d like to.  Local artists will be asked to help during  
> installation and take down.
> Curatorial Process:
> This exhibition will be loosely juried by UIUC BFA students Joe  
> Anderson and Daryl McCurdy. We would like to be as inclusive as  
> possible, however logistical issues may become a factor. Personal  
> politics and interest will be set-aside during the selection of work.
> Please send submissions to:
> Daryl McCurdy
> 704 W Illinois Street
> Urbana, IL 61801
> (Please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope if you
> would like any materials returned.)
> OR email submissions to:
> Submission Deadline: Thursday, April 17
> Notification of Acceptance: Monday, April 20
> Work Due: Monday, May 4

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Message: 4
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 12:46:20 -0500
From: MGFest -- Mason <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> Fwd: CFP: Sixth International Conference on
	Remote	Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation (REV 2009)
To: nettime-ann <>
Message-ID: <>
Content-Type: text/plain;	charset=us-ascii;	format=flowed;	delsp=yes

> *********************************************************************
> *            International Association of Online Engineering        *
> *                                                                   *
> *       Sixth International Conference on Remote Engineering and    *
> *                  Virtual Instrumentation (REV 2009)               *
> *                                                                   *
> *                                                                   *
> *                       University of Bridgeport                    *
> *                                                                   *
> *                                                                   *
> *                         *
> *                                                                   *
> *                                                                   *
> *                            June 22-25, 2009                       *
> *                                                                   *
> *********************************************************************
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Sixth International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual
> Instrumentation (REV 2009) will be held on June 22-25, 2009 at the
> University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.
> REV 2009 is the sixth in a series of annual events addressing the  
> area of
> remote engineering and virtual instrumentation. Previous editions of  
> were organized in the form of an international symposium, and  
> evolved in
> 2007 to be the annual conference of the International Association of  
> Online
> Engineering. The general objective of this conference is to discuss
> fundamentals, applications and experiences within the field of online
> engineering, both in industry and academia. REV 2009 offers an  
> exciting
> technical program as well as academic networking opportunities  
> during the
> social events.
> Scope of the conference:
> Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation are emerging trends in
> engineering and science. Due to:
> o The increasing complexity of engineering tasks
> o The availability of specialized and expensive equipment as well as
> software tools and simulators
> o The need for highly qualified staff to control equipment
> o The demands of globalization
> The general objective of this conference is to discuss fundamentals,
> applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering and  
> virtual
> instrumentation. It is becoming increasingly necessary to allow the  
> shared
> use of equipment and specialized software. The use of virtual and  
> remote
> laboratories is one of the future directions for advanced teleworking,
> remote services, collaborative research and e-working environments.
> Another objective of the conference is to discuss guidelines for  
> education
> in university level courses. The organizers encourage industry  
> personnel to
> present their experiences and applications of remote engineering and
> virtual instruments.
> This conference will be organized by the School of Engineering at the
> University of Bridgeport.
> Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
> o Virtual and remote laboratories
> o Remote process visualization and virtual Instrumentation
> o Remote control and measurement technologies
> o Online engineering
> o Networking and grid technologies
> o Mixed Reality environments for education and training
> o Demands in education and training, e-learning, b-learning, m- 
> learning and
> o Teleservice and telediagnosis
> o Telerobotics and telepresence
> o Support of collaborative work in virtual engineering environments
> o Teleworking environments
> o Telecommunities and their social impact
> o Present and future trends including social and educational aspects
> o Human computer interfaces, usability, reusability,accessibility
> o Applications and experiences
> o Standards and standardization proposals
> o Innovative organizational and educational concepts for remote
> engineering
> The REV 2009 Conference is soliciting manuscripts which address the  
> various
> challenges and paradigms in this technological world through  
> research and
> instructional programs in Remote Engineering and Virtual  
> Instrumentation.
> Suggested conference session topics are listed above. Other  
> innovations in
> course and laboratory experiences are also most welcome for  
> submission. To
> submit your paper abstract, please visit the conference website at
> If you are interested in submitting a special paper session, panel,
> tutorial, or workshop proposal, the contact information are also  
> available
> at the conference website at If your
> company or institution would like to exhibit at, or co-sponsor, the
> conference, the sponsorship and exhibit forms are also available at  
> the
> conference website.
> Paper and other Proposal Submissions
> ======================================
> Prospective authors are invited to submit their abstracts online in
> Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format through the website of the  
> conference at
> Proposals for special sessions,
> tutorials, panels, workshops, co-sponsorship and exhibitions are also
> welcome. Please check the conference website regarding instructions  
> for
> these proposal submissions.
> Important Dates
> ===============
> Abstracts due                        21st April, 2009
> Acceptance notification              8th May, 2009
> Final manuscript & Registration due  29th May, 2009
> --- 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> N. Gupta
> REV 2009 Program Chair
> University of Bridgeport
> 221 University Avenue                 e- 
> Bridgeport, CT 06604, U.S.A.           http:// 
> --- 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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>  < 
> > to update your profile or Unsubscribe


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