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<nettime> Art-o-thlon, International Championship of Arts

Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009,
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Maironio st. 6
Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact: Ms. Kornelija Cesonyte


Application submission deadline: April 12th (Midnight [24:00 GMT]), 2009
Prospective interview days: May 14th-16th, 2009
Art-o-thlon-TV Show, Studi-o-thlon and Edu-thlon: July-August, 2009

Application >> http://www.artothlon.com/call/application/


Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009 in partnership with the
Vilnius Academy of Arts and the Lithuanian Radio and Television are
proud to announce an open call for participation in the first ever

Art-o-thlon is a multiplatform set of creative and academic events
scheduled for July-August in Vilnius, Lithuania and is envisioned as one
of the preeminent projects of the European School of Arts as part of the
Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009 programme.

The purpose of this call is to invite young artists from all across
Europe to come to Vilnius to participate in celebration of the arts. The
format of this event is reminiscent of the Olympiad—teams of artists
will be competing with other teams for the top prize—however, the spirit
of comradeship, embracement of cultural diversity and the joy of
unobstructed creativity in an open public framework are the key goals of
the programme.
This is an open call for young creative souls embracing limelight as a
legitimate medium of artistic expression akin to canvas or bronze. We
are looking for energetic communicative and not camera shy young artists
working in all media and able to create or to perform within the
framework of the weekly primetime TV shows broadcasted live on the
Lithuanian National Television. The pre-selected artists will be called
for an interview (all costs paid by the organisers) upon which the final
list of the contestants will be made. Selected candidates will have a
chance to participate in a seven-week-long (July-August, 2009) marathon
of arts throughout the Vilnius city as well as on a television stage. We
envision a friendly competition among 4 teams each consisting of 4
artists, which for the best part of the week will be actively engaged in
a thematic creative work developed under the umbrella of Studi-o-thlon,
additionally once a week the teams will create live on stage, where tea!
m of art
critics and historians will air their opinion and the members of the
audience as well as wide public will have a chance to vote for their
favourites. Art-o-thlon is meant not only as a high-pace fun and
energetic environment but also as a publicity boost for the emerging
artists serving as a first step in wider recognition.

Academic aspect of the Art-o-thlon will unfold within the framework of
Edu-thlon and will take place as a sequence of weekly lectures conducted
by the prominent researchers in the field of contemporary arts and
culture. Student participants will be entitled to accrue a certain
number of academic credits from the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Lodgings as well as travel to and from Vilnius will be fully provided by
the organizers of the event. Participants will be living in the student
quarters of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. As a cultural and
non-profitable event, Art-o-thlon oversees a rather modest pool of
prizes and limited material resources for the art projects.

The application form is available online on
www.artothlon.com/call/application/, and must be filled in and sent
online. Please follow the online instructions for filling out the
submission form and uploading your portfolio.

For more information please contact info@artothlon.com

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