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<nettime> API's vs Hapodi : Participative debate in real time against the ‘Hadopi’ legislation

? API?s vs Hadopi ? : Political lifestream and placestream project

Participative debate in real time against the ?Hadopi? legislation.

In connection with the examination by the the French parliament of a
new law about copyright and p2p, entitled ? Creation and the Internet
? and known as Hadopi, POLITECHNICART (a newly cereated autonomous
academic laboratory and communcation agency) in collaboration Bernard
DEMARCQ representing the B3 group have decided to join forces and
create a platform for a participative debate on line and in real time
; a platform that is persistent, pervasive and situated.

Citizen counter-surveillance in real time

In December, 2005, the DADVSI law was up before French Parliement.
Throughout the discussion, large numbers of internauts were able to
watch the proceedings either on the public parliamentary channel or
live on Internet via the streaming webcast on the national assembly
web site. They approved some of the stands taken on the floor,
criticized others. Many representatives called this invisible audience
to witness, some went as far as speaking of a pathbreaking exercise in
participative debate.

This time, let?s make ourselves visible, let?s show them that as
citizens we are outraged by this liberticidal law !

The platform will enable internauts to watch the sessions live, keep
an eye on their own representative?s position and have her or him
accountable at the next parliamentary election.

Participative live debate

Using microblogging platform Twitter, ? API?s vs. Hadopi ? is not only
already re-posting all the messages posted at Twitter pertaining to
the proposed law, but will also make it possible for visitors to post
their own reactions, commentaries, links, cartoons, etc. during the
parliamentary debate which begins on March 10th 2009.

Twitter?s ? conversationnal chamber ? will thus provide interaction
with the floor of the National Assembly, so that we make sure that the
representatives are aware of the reactions of their electorate.

A situated demonstration

In order to ascertain that the representatives understand that this
angry protest is territorially rooted and does not stem from some
virtual sphere having no connection with the real world, each message
is localized and appears on a map of France in real time.

The long march of internauts against Hadopi comes from all over France
and parts of the rest of the world !

Pervasive and persistent

This mobilisation, which has been taking shape for several weeks now
everywhere on the Web and especially on Twitter (thousands of messages
are sent every day), is going to last. The platform includes a
Time-map which makes it possible for visitors, who are not necessarily
Twitter subscribers, to have access to all messages previously posted
by all the users of Twitter on this crucial topic, which touches upon
issues of public freedom and people?s right to communicate and have
access to culture and knowledge.

In France, Luc Besson has launched a campaign against streaming, while
others in the USA have started to attack the APIs, which are at the
heart of social media and creativity on the internet. As the name ?
API?s vs Hadopi ? implies, our movement is technically supported by
APIs, in this case those of Twitter and Googlemap. APIs are a set of
functionalities placed at the disposal of internauts by web service
developpers. Now that EMI has brought a first lawsuit against a site
having used an API (from Seeqpod), one of the technological principles
behind the development of the present digital economy is under attack.

We are not prepared to give up our tastes, our rights and our
liberties for an economic model which has just failed miserably !

Contribute to this appeal on Twitter and sustain this mobilization
with the hashtag #hadopi or, if you don?t have an account with
Twitter, on

The version of the platform supplied here is a french version, the
english version launching of the platform ? API?s vs Hadopi ? will
take place on March 09th 2009 on the following Twitter accounts :

@laurenceallard :
@demarcq :
@oliblondeau :

Information : et

The platform API's vs. Hadopi is developed by Infobrulante from a
mashup of APIs from Googlemap, Twitter and the java script library
Timemap (licenced by MIT).

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