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<nettime> Amsterdam-Surfing the Crisis and Anomalous Waves with Edufactory and Uniriot

Surfing the Crisis
Anomalous Waves from Universities in Europe and around the world

Thursday 5 March - 8,30 PM - De Peper / OT301 Amsterdam

In autumn 2008 students from Italy started to protest against the
approval of a Berlusconi's government's decree that was intended to make
a radical transformation of the educational system in Italy. The
decree's aims were to cut the public education budget, university
personnel and allowed universities to turn themselves in private
foundations to seek funds in the private market. In few words the goal
was to disqualify the public university sistem and with the excuse of
economical crisis move public funds to save banks and private institutions.

The political reactions of students, precarious workers and reaserchers
flowed into a movement - the biggest in 30 years - was soon referred to
as the 'Anomalous Wave'. The common shout was: " We won't pay for your
crisis" .

The Wave soon reached other countries: Greece, Spain, France and UK, as
the commodification of knowledge is a neoliberal design promoted by the
tecnochratical institutions of the EU through the so-called 'Bologna

In preparation of the international demonstration against the
inter-ministerial conference about the Bologna process in Leuven,
Belgium, 28-29 April 2009 we will discuss the ideas and strategies of
the Anomalous Wave with

Claudia Bernardi, Gigi Ruggero, Paolo Do, Andrea Ghelfi, Camillo
Imperore, Matteo Pasquinelli, Brett Neilson


Uniriot and Edufactory

Uniriot is the Italian "network of rebel Universities"

Edufactory is a global discussion network focusing on role of education
in contemporary capitalism
AW-NL-List mailing list

Surfing the Crisis

Donderdag 5 maart
Peper, Overtoom 301 Amsterdam
Over de 'anomalous wave' studentenprotesten in Europa.

Debat en informatie over de economische crisis en de rol van de
universiteit in het huidige kapitalisme
Sprekers onder andere van edu-factory ( en
uni-riot (

Met: Claudia Bernardi, Gigi Ruggero, Paolo Do, Andrea Ghelfi, Camillo
Imperore, Matteo Pasquinelli, Brett Neilson
Ze zullen uitleg geven over de verschillende inschattingen en vormen van
protest bij de verschillende studentenbewegingen in Europa. De crisis op
de universiteiten door bezuinigingen en de 'geprecariseerde'
arbeidsomstandigheden van een hele generatie studenten, onderzoekers en
jonge profs zorgt hier en daar voor nieuwe vormen van protests. In
Italie kreeg die de noemer van  "Anomalous Wave" met de leus "Wij gaan
jullie crisis niet betalen".


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