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<nettime> the ?Cathedral? and the ?Bazaar??

Dear All

It would be great to get you opinion on the following:

I am looking at open source and implementing this metaphor to a curatorial
practice. What effect would this have on exhibiting artists? Would the
audience benefit?

Also anyone with an interest in Eric S. Raymond?s free software development
model. I would like to know the following:

   1. What are your personal views about the ?Cathedral? and the ?Bazaar??

   2. If you subscribe to one of these models how much of it applies to the
whole of your life?

   3. Do you jump from one to another to suit your needs?

   4. Besides in a software engineering world, can the Cathedral and the
Bazaar be seen any where else? or could it be applied to something else?

I believe we need to get art out of its Cathedral ? could this metaphor

Many thanks


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