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"Best Music on an Economics & Politics Radio Show"
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Just posted to my radio archive

January 15, 2009 Michael Lighty of the California Nurses Association  
on the economic impact of health care and a wished-for transition to  
single-payer * Nomi Prins and Max Fraad Wolff on the economic crisis

it joins:

January 10, 2009 David Bacon, author of Illegal People, and Michelle  
Wucker, author ofLockout (and director of WPI) on immigration * Sara  
Roy on the horrors of Gaza (KPFA version, includes commentary on  
December employment)

December 11, 2008 Charlie Komanoff on a plan to make NYC transit  
nearly free (by soaking cars) * Yanis Varoufakis on the Greek riots  
and Greek neoliberalism (This show was patched together from a two- 
hour WBAI fundraiser. Please contribute.)				
December 4, 2008 Preston Smith on "racial democracy" vs. social  
democracy, in 1940s Chicago and Obama's America * Anthony D'Costa on  
the Mumbai bombings and Indian neoliberalism

November 27, 2008 Richard Seymour, keeper of the Lenin's Tomb blog and  
author of The Liberal Defense of Murder, on liberal imperialism * Bill  
Ayers, author of Fugitive Days and Barack Obama's old pal, on  
revolution, education, and social change

November 20, 2008 Dan La Botz (author of this article) on the crisis  
in the auto industry - and the UAW * Reihan Salam, co-author of Grand  
New Party, great hope of the right, on the conservative movement's  

November 13, 2008 Forrest Hylton on Obama's likely Latin American  
policy (and his top advisor on the area, Dan Restrepo) * Kate Gordon,  
co-director of the Apollo Alliance, on green jobs
November 6, 2008 Adolph Reed on Obama's election * Maliha Safri on  
immigrants in the U.S. labor market - especially one that's shrinking

October 16, 2008 ?gmundur J?nasson, head of the Left Green delegation  
in the Icelandic parliament, on that country's financial crisis *  
Martin Wolf, Financial Times columnist and author of Fixing Global  
Finance, on The Crisis		

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