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<nettime> Links to follow: Facebook revolutions in Croatia
Ana Peraica on Tue, 18 Nov 2008 00:55:00 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Links to follow: Facebook revolutions in Croatia

Hi everyone,

there is amazing Facebook (?!) based revolution in Croatia.

This strategy was overtaken from students organizing demonstrations 
against Bologna convention and become a tool of civil disobedience.

Croatian prime minister has announced cutting of Christmas extras on 
salaries and "freezing" salaries in 2009 in all state sectors, also 
asking for private one, all as the in regard to the world economic crisis.

This decision has been quite unpopular and even before it has become 
official there are already two of FAcebook groups are growing rapidly 
within a day (35 000 in few days on one and 15 000 within half a day on 
the other) with amazing images and movies of citizens.

The number of people is progressing amazingly because of forwarding to 
all (which is then making a political spam, basically)

Follow on:

Stegnite vi svoj remen (you tie your own belt!) 

Kako je Ivo ukrao Bozic (How Ivo has stolen the Christmas)

Also with movies in reports: 

Prime minister defends he is not Grinch!

TV is much slower and after only after only two short reports the number 
of people  has doubled.

Unfortunately all texts are all in Croatian but there is a lots of 
images and movies which are really funny.

Of course there is a critical aspect which connects Christmas shopping 
with the Facebook trade, underlining this total ideological mess 
(customer's revolution?)



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