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<nettime> Sharing is Sexy Interviewed in Rolling Stone Italy
lotu5 on Wed, 25 Jun 2008 00:57:41 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Sharing is Sexy Interviewed in Rolling Stone Italy

I think the title is "Free Sex in the Free Web 2.0", and the subheading 
is something like "The first open source porn laboratory is born in a 
queer community", but I don't speak italian! If you do, and you'd like 
to translate the article for us, please leave a comment with your 
translation! We're very happy to be spreading our queer sexiness all 
over Italy and I want to say thanks to Sergio Messina for interviewing 
us and writing such lovely things about us! If you're in Italy, you can 
pick up a copy at your local newsstand!

Ciao, ciao bella!

And, if you're in Italy, or anywhere else, and want to submit your 
photos and join in the fun, email us at gojackoff [At) sharingissexy 
d0t) org or send us a myspace message. But with all this summer hotness, 
we're not very quick at replying to messages, so give us a minute to get 
our clothes on first.

Read the article and see the photos here:


(or here, smaller, for reposting, http://www.sharingissexy.org/node/816)



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