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<nettime> _[Non] Fiction Eclipsing + Synthetic Presencing_
mez breeze on Mon, 16 Jun 2008 06:00:15 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> _[Non] Fiction Eclipsing + Synthetic Presencing_

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_[Non] Fiction Eclipsing + Synthetic Presencing_

Entertainment is associated with the concepts of fiction and non-fiction.
Fiction involves the projection of a willing suspension of disbelief with
variables designed to further narrative progression. Indicators of
traditional fiction include characterisation, foregrounding, plot and/or
sub-plot[s]. Non-fiction is fiction's logical counterpoint; chronology,
history and "fact" play clear parts in non-fiction constructions. There are
many variations on the standard fiction/non-fiction dichotomy.

Fiction and non-fiction classifications are designed to map to boundaries of
known forms [think: cinema, literature, television and music]. They are so
designed to provoke audience responses introspectively and externally.
Current synthetic practices are refashioning this entertainment base via the
perpetuation of types of unintentional and deliberately augmented
recreation. These recreation types are reliant on immediacy of response,
play, and Pranksterism. They employ Sandboxing, Gonzoism and spontaneous
engagement. This type of entertainment is termed _Presencing_.

Presencing involves loose clusters of pursuits that evolve in, or are
associated with, synthetic environments. Examples include the Streisand
Effect, Supercutting, Flashmobbing, the Slashdot/Digg Effect, acts by the
group Anonymous, Image macro generation and Internet meme threading. Less
defined examples include: MMOG guild interactions [think: user generated
games-within-games], Virtual World involvements, and Social Networking via
application adoption and creation. These instances illustrate how Presencing
pushes recreation beyond a fictionalised/non-fictionalised framework.

Presencing showcases accidental or reflexive entertainment elements where
the fictional/non-fictional divide is erased; associated validity qualifiers
are also removed and reconceptualised. Amateur production is equated with
valued expression. Presencing also offers adaptive potential for augmented
attempts at mediating geophysical constraints.

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