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<nettime> \\ Balkan.OS - A cosmological OS \ ISEA 08

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              Balkan.OS  || A cosmological OS - The World beyond Time

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The problem I think, goes back to our basic conception of the world.

Modern democracy has been built upon the dichotomy real/apparent.
 From Euclid to Einstein progress has been based upon the devaluation
and desacralization of human experience.

Yet, among Romanian peasants the ritual narration of stories
(i.e., during the night) defends the house against evil spirits.
Still more, the narration leads to the presence of God, the
intermediary world between this intelligible world of beings
of pure light and the sensible world.

We desire a bridge between the worlds of spirit and democracy, a
luminous vacuole above the secularization of mysticism during communism,
and the desacralization of desire during capitalism.

This paper discusses Balkan.OS, a cosmological autopoietic operating
system, that employs a region’s folkloric artifacts in an osmotic,  
context aware,
dynamically relational assemblage that transcends deterministic/ 
aspirations and the conscious imagination, towards a continuum of  
between the real and apparent.

Unlike its engineered counterparts, Balkan.OS is not designed,
nor authored. These approaches proclaim to liberate and empower us,
yet often the answers they devise imprison us further by narrowing  
our field
of vision so that all we are left observing are the ideas we create,  
upon the world around us. The gains afforded are often contrasted by the
scarcity of meaning retained.

We adopt the view that the world of living things contains the
restrictions and structures necessary for a meaningful existence,
resilience and growth. As such Balkan.OS is deeply rooted in the
ageing and evolutionary processes that comprise a region’s folklore
and culture and embraces reality as a generative, multi-layered  

BALKAN.OS bleeds art from the armature of static icons into the multi- 
of intertangled lived experience, extending artists into ethereal  
space, as living saints,
liminal guides betwixt and between the real and the apparent, the  
self and other.

Walking over the world's eyelids
in speech that takes sense from the lips
and gestures that carve themselves
in the winds ...

Flame feeding on its own flickering
... a moist hope


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