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Alan Sondheim <>
     Travis and Julu and Jennifer and Travis and Nikuko and Jennifer and
     courtship displays of the manifolds:    
     A Long and Wonderful Play of Plays   

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Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 19:08:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: Travis and Julu and Jennifer and Travis and Nikuko and Jennifer and
 Julu and Nikuko  

Travis and Julu and Jennifer and Travis and Nikuko and Jennifer and Julu
and Nikuko

convulsions riding doubled figured churned through girl girl fields
through boy girl fields
through girl boy fields
through girl girl girl and boy
through girl and boy girl girl and fields

Travis and Julu
Jennifer and Travis
Nikuko and Jennifer
Julu and Nikuko

everyone a multiplicity, here's a community for you: internal, what goes
on outside the heart or cocoon is ruined, is nourishment, sustenance left
alone. jennifer conforms to travis, nikuko and julu inhabit travis, travis
is blind in one eye, lame in one foot, stumbles, churns, girls girls girls
girls, now we're inside all of them, they don't breath, they're in vacuum,
they're running the show, they are the show. analog and digital meat
sutured by the abject, digital flees, analog embraces, there's a smell
about them, you listen to the scent, hearing's left to you above the well
of tinnitus.

digital doesn't flee, digital is fled, we're sorry about forces beyond our
control. analog curdles, digital extrudes; analog corrodes, digital
cleans, analog says

analog says travis and julu are used up
analog says jennifer and nikuko are used up
digital says travis and nikuko are hyperrealisms
digital says jennifer and julu are hyperrealisms

(laughtrack: analog says bite me, digital says byte me)

Nikuko and Travis: We're used and abused.
Nikuko and Travis: We love it. Look, sores. Look, wounds, scars, tattoos.
Jennifer and Julu: We're clean. We wash our cocks. We wash our cunts.
Jennifer and Julu: Look, shiny prims, texture-maps, clean all the way

Nikuko and Travis beg Jennifer and Julu to abuse them.
Jennifer and Julu control Nikuko and Travis. They say:

Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty boys!
Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty girls!

Travis: We're boys, boys, boys, boys, boys.
Nikuko and Jennifer and Julu: We're girls, girls, girls, girls, girls.

digital, analog dancing inside it. i, alan sondheim, wrote them. i, alan
sondheim, told them to do it. i told them to do this and that. i told them
to keep their eyes and ears shut. i told them to look elsewhere, hear
nothing, see nothing. i told them they smelled. i told them they had to
smell, had to smell as hard as possible, had to leave trails, had to leave
dampness, had to be moist, wet up there, wet down there. they said, they
said, nothing but dryness, nothing stays wet, we're in vacuum, you can't
hear us, you can hardly see us.

(laughtrack: i said listen, they said glisten)

now we will go for a swim says jennifer, i will wet myself and swim inside
myself. now i will swim in you says travis, look you are all wet. now we
move just like one, just like another, just like another. oh i forgot says
nikuko, julu is our other, julu is our other mother, no says julu, travis
is our other mother, no no says travis. no says nikuko, jennifer is our
other mother, no says jennifer, nikuko is our other travis, no says julu,
jennifer is our other nikuko, and we will play here

we will play where no one comes no one bothers, no one bothers to come, no
one bothers us. we are all wet up there and down there, before there and
beyond there, up here and down here, beyond here and before here, and to
the sides, yes says jennifer, to the sides also, yes says travis, to the
sides as well.

we will talk and we will say hello hello, we are very tiny
we will say hello hello hello, we will live forever
we will say hello, we are very tiny and we will live forever


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Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 15:39:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: courtship displays of the manifolds:    

courtship displays of the manifolds:

coagulation or cohesion of elements, fold-catastrophic jumps, convulsions,
collocations, substructural part-objects, articulations; bendings, affine
and other morphological transformations.

from one end of the spectrum, the schrodinger cat paradox resolves as
leakage, what i'd term abjection, in relation to container and thinging
contained; from the other, it makes no difference since particles _jump,_
not to mention coordinations at distances, etc. it's almost code, codons.
it's almost discrete, symbolic. it breaks down only where the continuum
appears, continuity at the periphery. another tactic, that of binary
particle, that of continuous wave. or does the wave become discrete or
broth, roiled. modes of string vibrations. think of dimensional collapse
as the real.

think of this as _metaphor-engine,_ nothing more, swamped by ignorance.
think of mathesis among continuums and anything mapped where, surreal or
other numbers, integers; are natural numbers _natural_? thinned line or
stepping among infinitesimals.

courtship displays of the manifolds:

(and see if you haven't)

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Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 23:03:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: A Long and Wonderful Play of Plays   

A Long and Wonderful Play of Plays

JULU: Excellent. And this is what I want you to do, Alan -
VYSHINSKY: Tell us the nature of your wrecking activities.
ZUBAREV: When I was working in the seed cultivation department --
Alan: This is excellent, and I will do my very best.
VYSHINSKY: What was the nature of your criminal activities?
ZUBAREV: Here my criminal activities consisted first of all in wrong.
Jennifer: I am learning so very hard here.
All three together: This is wonderful!
VYSHINSKY: How matters stood with butter, this is of interest to me.
ZELENSKY: We don't sell butter in the rural districts.
VYSHINSKY: I am not asking you what you sell. You were above all.
Alan: I see how this goes. This is amazing. They have been found out!
LEVIN: ...Gorky loved fire, flames, and we made use of this.
Julu: Oh oh, that is so awful! This is such an awful thing!
THE PRESIDENT: As regards wrecking work, it was necessary.
RYKOV: Even more than that!
Jennifer: Oh! Oh! Oh! Attacks from every side!
Nikuko: Oh! Woe! Attacks from within and without!
KRESTINSKY: ...Further Trotsky developed the idea of necessity!
Julu: Oh dearest us! How awful is Trotsky! Something must be done and now!
KAKAZOV: ... I stand before you, as the murderer!
Alan: Oh curses on Kakazov for his perfidious crime!
All: Oh we are saved from the wrecking and saboteurs of our country!
Nikuko: This is a wonderful play, Ladies and Gentlemen.
KIM IL SUNG: Hello, I am a member of the audience and I am very happy.
Jennifer: But oh Great Leader, what is to be done?
KIM IL SUNG: Hello, Our Party will fight against Right and 'Left'!
Julu: Oh that is so good, we will drag down the renegades!

JENNIFER: I beg pardon for the horrible crimes I have committed!
JULU: I am of course alive, Jennifer, what ever are you talking about?
JENNIFER: Julu's corpse is here before us: Poor, poor Julu, my misery!
JULU: Jennifer, will you stop that? This is silly!
JENNIFER: My guilt is aggravated...
JULU: Please, Jennifer, come with me! This is getting ridiculous!
JENNIFER: Disgraced, thrown in the dust, leaving life...
JULU: You have gone mad! You have been reading too many novels!
JENNIFER: Years weigh heavily on me with the nightmare of the crimes...
THE COURT: Jennifer, in the name of the commission duly entrusted --
PRESIDENT: You're going to die!
JENNIFER: I'll kill you!

ALAN: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: I won't be fucked by anyone.
PRESIDENT: I've killed Jennifer!
ALAN: Look, I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll kill both of you.
NIKUKO: I'll kill all three.
PRESIDENT: You're going to die.
JENNIFER: I'll kill you.
ALAN: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: I won't be fucked by anyone.
PRESIDENT: This is what I mean.
JENNIFER: I'll kill you.
ALAN: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll kill all of you.
JULU: Where is everyone?

THE PRESIDENT: I am in charge of agriculture. Please forgive me.
THE PRESIDENT: Who have you betrayed. This is of utmost importance!
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Jennifer. You and I know I am responsible.
Jennifer: You are responsible for what I see!
THE PRESIDENT: Exactly, thank you, Jennifer.
THE PRESIDENT: The graves of the hateful traitors will grow over!

Jennifer stands: I wish to introduce THE PRESIDENT.
Nikuko stands: I wish to introduce Jennifer.
Jennifer: Thank you, Nikuko.
Nikuko sits: You have been my guide for so many years, Jennifer.
Jennifer: Community is the foundation of all life, Nikuko.
Nikuko: Thank you, Jennifer.
Julu stands: It is wonderful that we live in such a time...
Jennifer: Thank you, Julu.
Alan stands: I wish to thank everyone who has participated in this play.
Nikuko: We want to thank you as well, Alan, for the opportunity.
Jennifer: Thank you as well, Alan.
Julu: Thank you.

Jennifer: We are sitting in a circle. We are waiting turns
Julu: We say we are the players.
Julu: We say we are the players. We say we are broken into scenes.

THE THEATER: Here we are in empty space. There is no audience. T
THE CATWALKS: We favor company and comfort.
THE CATWALKS: We are your bones. Without us you live dull and steady.
THE THEATER: We favor night and its seepages. We devour night.
THE THEATER AND CATWALKS: We favor bright light and sunshine!

THE PRESIDENT: I think I've been forgotten. The play continues.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar. You're inside me just like an avatar.
Jennifer: These are announcements we're making, we're not quite ready...
THE PRESIDENT: I take care of your eyes.
Jennifer: I see quite well, thanks to you.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.
THE PRESIDENT: Please be quiet. No one wants to hear you.
Jennifer: THE PRESIDENT is part of the audience. THE PRESIDENT listens.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.
THE PRESIDENT: I am responsible for language.
Jennifer: THE PRESIDENT says the order doesn't matter.
THE PRESIDENT: I am perfectly powerful; my power is broken.
Jennifer: You are a duly elected official.
THE PRESIDENT: The term is decided only by the term. I am THE PRESIDENT!
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.

THE PRESIDENT: I am your tongue. Your tongue takes care of your eyes.
THE THEATER: I'm going home.

Jennifer: He makes me speak Nicely but I can't write Interesting.
Jennifer: I can't see or hear. I can't sleep; I navar sleep.

Doctor Leopold Konninger: Nikuko, we understand each other.
Nikuko says: But you must do one thing for me doctor.
Nikuko says: You must remove your clothing.
Nikuko says:: I will wear my tutu.

Nikuko pirouettes with three cameras and there are sfx and a text
Nude Nikuko sitting on nude Doctor Leopold Konninger with sfx.
Quickcam segments with Nikuko's voice describing her sex.
Nikuko pirouettes in a transparent skirt for the Dovctor.
Nikuko and Doctor Leopold Konninger, both fully dressed, dance.
Nikuko in open kimono mouthing AAAAH like a shinto guardian.
The Male Ballet Dancer moves neurotically through the space.
Three still dance shots bring this dance to a halt.
Nikuko in tutu and the Male Ballet Dancer perform a Musical Number.

A woman's face appears superimposed on a train.
A Doodah song accompanying a half-naked Nikuko and fully naked Doctor.
Nikuko dances strangely by herself on the right-hand side.
Nikuko lies exhausted on a blanket wearing a pink tutu.

Jennifer says: Julu is in 400,000 pieces.
Piece 381,924 says: I am piece 381,924, you are addressing me.
Jennifer says: Julu piece 381,924 is addressing me.
Piece 381,924 says: Hello Julu, come in Julu.
Jennifer says: You are Julu-Julu; you have come in.
Piece 381,924 says: Maybe what I have to say is one thing.
Jennifer says: It is one thing, piece 381,924.
Piece 381,924 says: This is one thing Julu.
Jennifer says: This is Jennifer, Julu piece 381,924.
Piece 381,924 says: Forgive me ...

when they get loose (old odalisks) (wonderful animation)

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