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New Book Information  (An OpenMute Publication)
Zones of Proletarian Development
Mastaneh Shah-Shuja

In this book, Mastaneh Shah-Shuja presents a novel approach for the
study-extension of the social movement. Employing conceptual tools from Marx,
Vygotsky, Bakhtin and Activity Theory she examines the interaction of
individuals within crowds in a variety of settings including London May Day
celebrations, riotous Iranian carnivals, the anti-poll-tax rebellion, the great
anti-war demonstration of 15 February 2003 and a number of historical and
contemporary political organisations. She identifies ?zones of proximal
development? (Vygotsky) where people learn from each other, solve social
problems, develop consciousness and engage in collective meaning-making. 

Crucially, she demonstrates how capitalism is metamorphosing at a number of
fronts simultaneously. She shows how new methods of exploitation and
accumulation are being challenged by an emerging universal class unencumbered
by some of the limitations of previous struggles. The reactionary nature of
liberalism, social democracy, fascism and bolshevism are examined whilst the
once-radical ideologies of left communism, council communism, anarchism,
autonomist marxism, libertarian socialism and situationism are subjected to
critical interrogation. 

Imaginatively presented, with a collection of illustrations, Zones of
Proletarian Development captures the increasing complexities of the class
struggle in the twenty-first century and offers concrete suggestions for
organising against capitalism.

Table of contents
     Chapter one - Epistemology, Methodology and Method 
     Chapter two- Vygotskian May Days 
     Chapter three- Iranian football riots as Bakhtinian carnivalesque 
     Chapter four- Activity Theory and Social Movements: Two case studies 
     Chapter five- Towards a new kind of revolutionary organising 
     Appendix 1- Mindful Thuggery and the Spectacularisation of Drama 
     Appendix 2- The Glorious Proletarian Siege of Oxford Street 

Political Science-History & Theory - Radical Thought; 
Psychology-Social Psychology; 
Social Science-Sociology - Social Theory

ISBN: 978-1-906496-06-7 pbk.
May 2008, 244x170 mm, c. 360 pages
Recommended retail price:  ?15/?21/$30

Author's biography: Mastaneh Shah-Shuja is an independent researcher
from an Afghani-Iraqi background although she has also lived
extensively in both Iran and Russia. She is currently living in the
United Kingdom with her two children. Mastaneh has been involved in
anti-capitalist politics since her early teens. Please send reviews/
comments to Mastaneh Shah-Shuja at: 

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