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<nettime> [ann] New Media-New Networks

EXHIBITION: New Media-New Networks
VENUE: Galerija Galzenica, Zagreb/Velika Gorica,
DATE: May 9, 2008
TIME: 8:00 - 10:00 pm


The exhibition entitled New Media - New Networks is the first 
retrospective dedicated to the new media art and culture in Croatia. The 
exhibition is a result of last year's research on new media art in 
Croatia proposed by Ljiljana Kolešnik (Institute of Art History from 
Zagreb) and conducted by Klaudio Štefančić (the research results will be 
soon available for download).

The new media art in Croatia is presented as a practice of social and 
artistic networking in the wider context of applying new communication 
technologies to old institutions of civil society, public and mass 
media, art and higher education. Instead of the best of presentation of 
the artists who have experimented with new media, we decided to 
represent the new media art in relation to concepts of chronology and 
social network.

Distinguishing the three chronological lines -- political, informatical 
and artistic -- that began in 1990 and ended in 2005 as a background, we 
hope to point out particularity of new media art in Croatia in relation 
to international events and contemporary art. Overlapping of these three 
chronologies forms temporary social structures: cultural and artistic 
networks in which new media art has been created, produced, presented 
and interpreted.

Three networks are presented with the help of four hubs.

           o BBS (Bulletin Board System) of citizen's initiative 
Anti-war campaign and Zamir Transnational Net are parts of the first 
network. Their activities are presented in the form of archive of the 
mailing list.
           o 'Arkzin' magazine and 'Multimedia Institute'from Zagreb are 
also parts of the first network but they are shown separetedly: in the 
form of the magazine issues that can be photocopied and in the form of 
Marcell Mars' net artwork 'NRD Kit' (2)
           o 'Media Scape', the art festival that used to take place in 
Zagreb in the period between 1993 and 1999, presents the second network 
in the form of Darko Fritz's telefax action '410 Gone', which is a part 
of the 'The Internet Error Messages' series.
           o 'Department of Visual Communication Design at the Fine Arts 
Academy, University of Split', together with the 'International Festival 
of New Film'mark the third new media network in the form of Dan Oki and 
Sandra Sterle's work ''.

The low budget and the gallery space had a direct influence on the 
exhibition layout. Due to both reasons, the presentation of artworks has 
been reduced to minimum. However, the limitation on the number of 
exhibits enabled intertextual links, of which the reference to Arkzin's 
timelines is the most prominent.

New Media -- New Networks is not a traditional retrospective exhibition. 
It is more appropriate to compare it to the function of hub, centre that 
enables connecting and participation in the network. Therefore, once you 
get connected the data can be added, corrected, copied, shared, deleted...
Pučko otvoreno učilište Velika Gorica
Trg Stjepana Radića 5
HR - 10410 Velika Gorica
tel:+385 1 6221 122 /  fax: 6226 740

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