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<nettime> Smile, you're being face-recognized! (Sydney)

bwo Asiasource2 list/ Handoko S

Sydney: Take train, smile for the camera

July 08 2007: Hundreds of high-definition surveillance cameras
have been installed on Sydney's transport network for September's
Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation conference, but only some will be
monitored live.

Main railway stations have been upgraded to "facial-recognition"
technology, which the Transport Minister, John Watkins, described as
"London-style CCTV ? which was of such good use after recent incidents

Two hundred have been installed on the rail network and 115 on buses,
ferries and wharves, he said, bringing the total on the public
transport system to more than 6500. They would be on all State Transit
buses by the end of the year, he said.

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