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<nettime> [Fwd: Police pretending to be protestors in Montebello Quebec to instigate a discrediting riot....]

Bwo Hippieslist/ Paul Wouters

Police pretending to be protestors in Montebello Quebec to instigate a riot

Includes clear photos and video. This is what we enabled with cheap
digital cameras and cheap online video distribution. Don't say the
internet had no impact on society. Now let's see if programs like the
Daily Show pick this up for a broader audience. It made the main news
in Canada already:

Of course, George Orwell would roll over in his grave about the New
Speak of the "Security and Prosperity Partnership", as this is not at
all about Security or Prossperity, with Canadians being fairly pissed
off at their government's secret talks in lowering public safetey
standards to accomodate the crappy US standards.


Showing up at a peaceful union protest line with rocks, some of these
goons were confronted by Dave Coles, president of the Communications,
Energy, and Paperworkers Union, who insisted that this was a peaceful
protest and they should leave. When they kept trying to push through
to attack the cops, some actual anarchists showed up, saying that
they recognized these people, and that they were police agents, at
which point Coles started to question them, asking them to take off
their masks for photos. Their reactions throughout this, all captured
on video, are - to put it mildly - not what I would expect from any
of the Black Bloc types I know. Finally, after chatting for a bit
with the riot cops, they "charge" the police lines, and are promptly
arrested -- but, as the CP stories linked at the top point out, no
charges are laid against any of them.


But where it becomes truly, hilariously fishy is in the wonderful photos
that my colleague Sebastien managed to take of them being arrested
by the police, some of which have already started floating around the
Internet. It's actually a little less clear in the version I've seen
online than in the originals, but still visible -- the "protesters" being
arrested are wearing (all three of them) exactly the same issue boots that
the "police" arresting them are wearing; they've simply throwing some duct
tape on them to make them look "anarchist chic." Particularly noticeable
are the yellow triangles of the ANSI certification on all of the boots.

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