Kimberly De Vries on Sun, 19 Aug 2007 16:51:15 +0200 (CEST)

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Fwd: <nettime> Criminalization of critical academic research and political engagement

On 8/18/07, Bas van Heur <> wrote:
> a "trust rating network for political artists"? Come on, don't fool
> yourself. It's always possible that your reputation will be damaged -
> that's life, deal with it.
> Instead: inform yourself, read the websites on the arrest of Andrej
> Holm, understand the rationale behind this arrest and make a decision
> for yourself how to act.

True--this is always the risk of standing up for something. I think
though that it is harder to determine whether one wants to get
involved with a situation if all you know is from something posted
online, and sadly there are enough people suffering this way that in
fact no one can act in every case. So many that even having time to
investigate might be impossible.

That said, I would regard something posted to this list as being more
credible and attention-worthy, and also easier to check on.

> The ongoing discussion on this list about the banality of blogging is
> all very interesting - although repetitive - but it's utterly
> disappointing to see that currently the list is apparently only
> marginally interested in the repressive realities of life outside the
> media bubble. Political artists?

 Repetitive in itself or of earlier discussion? If the latter then
I'd like to talk about why it keeps coming up and apparently not
accomplishing enough to prevent it coming up again.

As for the disinterest, I'm not sure that's accurate, but certainly we
seem collectively ...inactive. I would like to know if anyone would
like to take some kind of action about this incident, or in fact about
any of the other issues that have come up since I joined the list.
Last spring, for example, we were talking about the war and teachable
moments and as far as I know (or rather read) we didn't actually do
anything about that either, unless people were acting individually and
not discussing it here.

I don't actually call myself a political anything. I'd hesitate to say
whether others here are living up to whatever title; I don't know them
well enough, mostly. Which gets back to why I'd like to include more
of the personal. I'd like to know my colleagues better.

Then I could know better what might help them if they did run into
trouble, for example.





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