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<nettime> youtube/televisa vs 'fea y rebelde'.

august 9: we receive a letter from youtube informing us, episode
4 of 'adry la fea' has been deleted because of alleged 'copyright
infringement' by televisa, something which was clearly an unfair
attack to our freedom of expresion rights. we can only think this is
happening because on this clip, an ex-employee of a televisa show
tells some of his experiences during the visit of shakira to that
particular show. but still to us this doesn't seem to be copyright

august 15: we receive 6 new letters from youtbe indicating the
same reason for deleting chapters 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 of 'rebelde' (a
telenovela about urban collectives of the zapatista 'other campaign',
which has the same name of a telenovela by televisa, which for us was
a way of showing there are different forms of rebellion). the last
episode was also deleted, it went under the name: 'fea y rebelde: the
end: shakira live in mexico city 2', and it was shot during a shakira
concert in the mexico city zócalo, that is, it was a public concert
in what is the main public square of the city. it's important to
tell there are hundreds of clips of this same concert by shakira on
youtube, which haven't been deleted.

august 16: we receive 2 more letters by youtube stating the same
reason to delete episodes 4 and 5 of rebelde. with this, the
telenovela has completely disappeared from the internet, and
specifically from youtube. we have no idea why. perhaps because
televisa considers the word 'rebelde' to be of their property.

august 17: without any notice the accounts of 'adry la fea' and
'rebelde' are deleted from youtube, and by this action the 6 remaining
clips of 'adry la fea' disappear from the internet, leaving only 2
clips of the telenovela on youtube which were published on a different

thanks for the support.


deleted clips:
adry la fea (capítulo 4):
rebelde (capítulo 1):

rebelde (capítulo 2):

rebelde (capítulo 3):

rebelde (capítulo 6):

rebelde (capítulo 7).:

fea y rebelde: the end (shakira live in mexico city part 2).: http://

rebelde (capítulo 4):

rebelde (capítulo 5):

plus the accounts with 6 more clips:

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