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<nettime> G8 ... indymedia needs YOU!

Please translate

Hi everybody out there in the (Indy)media worlds,

the next G8 is on our doorsteps, starting with a big demonstration on
June 2nd in Rostock, in less than 3 weeks. Most Indymedia websites have
reported about the wave of repression that hit the German protest
preparation last week. We were glad to see so much care and attention
all over the network.

There will be one week of actions and protests; there will be many, many
media activists and we want to invite you to join us, in Rostock or
wherever you are, doing the many things Indymedia's good at:
independent, alternative coverage of big protests.

We have prepared some things but we still need a lot of help.

    * 1 Where
    * 2 When
    * 3 Who
    * 4 How
    * 5 What we need your help with
    * 6 Donations
    * 7 General information
    * 8 G8 protest information

1 Where

There will be two physical media centres, one in a school in a Rostock
city district called 'Evershagen', a bit to the north-west of the city
centre, on the way to Heiligendamm. Here there will also be offices of
other groups such as demonstration organisers, blockades, camps, but
also a convergence centre, accomodation, information points and food.

The second media centre will be in the city centre of Rostock, smaller
and mostly for less public video and audio production, likely with a
little public access space. More info here:,
which will be updated regularly. We are hoping to be able to provide
public access computers in the camps. At the moment three camps are
secured. More info at; a map here:,en/. The radio
broadcasting van of Radio "Unerh=C3=B6rt Marburg" will be at the camp in
Reddelich, which will also be a main access point for activists. There
may be another media bus, from the Netherlands, either at this or
another camp.

2 When

The week of action will start on June 2nd with a big demonstration, and
is likely to finish on Friday, June 8th, when the summit is over. More
on the 'choreography' of the actions:

3 Who

Indymedia is one part of the media activism in Rostock; there are other
groups too. We're collaborating closely, but we're not the same. Don't
be surprised when some prefer not to be labeled Indymedia! What we have
agreed on is the term "Independent Media Centre' (which in German is
"Unabh=C3=A4ngiges Medienzentrum" and so sounds completely different.
Slightly bizarre, but nothing but a local specialty. We do like each
other). More details below, in the Contact section.

4 How

    * subscribe to the imc-g8 list
(, English)
or imc-g8-2007
(, Deutsch)
and the g8-mediaactivism list;

    * have a look at our wiki pages (, far
from complete);

    * find us on IRC: #g8
(see to learn how to
use IRC);

     * for mail that shouldn't be publicly archived contact indymedia at

    * Radio: jetsam[at] and g8[at]
(en/fr/es/de), phone: 0049 (0)381 490 95 70, fax: 0049 (0)180 502 11 21
32 60,
    * Video: videoactivism(at), and
    * Foto: g8-foto[at]
    * Translations: if you want to help do translations or co-ordinate
translations, please contact translation[at] or
subscribe to

5 What we need your help with

Generally speaking, we need support with all aspects of media activism:
editorial, print, supporting the public access spaces, translations,
radio, dispatch, tech, video etc. because we do have the impression this
is going to be BIG! Details and workspace on the wiki here: We will also need quite a few people ready
to help out with very basic things such as doing the helpdesk at the
entrance of the media centre(s), preparing information about how we work
preferably in a way that can easily be printed and hung on the walls of
the IMCs.

What we would like to know more specifically is:

- Who will be coming and what are you planning to do?

- We will be doing multilingual reporting on the German Indymedia
website. See the coordination page here: So we are
wondering what the best way would be to make languages 'available',
other than English and German. As there is no one Italian website
anymore, nor one central French or Spanish language website, do you
think it makes more sense to collect material in these languages on the
German website, with your support, similar to for English or maybe just a category? Or
would you rather do this on different websites? And if yes, which?

Which other languages will be interested/worth doing?

We will need more website editors, please get in touch if you are

- Can you bring hardware? There is a general lack, and more specifically
a need for video and audio editing computers.

- The current plans for video coverage and radios are being prepared by
groups with very specific concepts (see below). What we don't have so
far are people/groups who would like to offer places for video and radio
activists 'in an indymedia style', basically areas in the imc for them,
organising for computers that can be used for this, preparing support
and some kind of collective atmosphere for video/radio activists to feel
'at home'. If you would like to feel responsible for this. please let us

6 Donations

There is a major financial deficit at the moment, we're lacking approx.
=E2=82=AC11,000. Please help and ask for donations in any possible way!

To: Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V.
Bank: Bank f=C3=BCr Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE46100205000003029803

Subject: Medienzentrum G8

For money transfers inside the EU free of charge, if you want to donate
from outside the EU, please get in touch.

7 General information

This is an excerpt from the general info brochure that will be
distributed everywhere and will contain information on all parts of the


The Independent Media Centre (IMC) is a media collective which will be
organising reporting on the official G8 summit, the alternative summit
and, of course, the protests. The IMC promotes a method of reporting
which does not treat news as goods. Instead, it is about grassroots
reporting, by the people involved in the protests themselves, by you!


We want to offer you the possibility to publish your observations and
experiences in the form of text, images, audio or video clips; directly
from the streets, to disseminate all over the world. Don't wait for the
news industry to spin out stories about your life and our movements;
instead, help create and determine the news and, together, we can tell
the 'people's news' by making the stories ourselves!

This is how it works at the G8 2007:

The IMC is located at the protest centre in the Evershagen school,
together with the convergence centre. Here, in the camps and in the 2nd
media centre in Rostock City (Friedrichstr. 23), we will set up
computers with public access. Just look out for the ((i)) sign! You can
use these computers to write your texts and upload your reports with or
without photos. If you are a radio or video activist, you can also come
to the IMC and find fellow activists with similar ideas, as well as
people with knowledge and experience in case you need technical support.

Independent Media - tune in here:

You can find up-to-date news and reports in different languages on Various other media collectives are also linked
on this page.

Mobil phone (WAP):
If you have a relatively new mobile phone, you can access This wap-ticker will always keep you up to
date with reports about what has happened around Heiligendamm.

You can find our radio programs on and in
different languages on From the 1st to the 9th of
June we will have a radio live-stream with practical information about
the latest developments on the spot as well as several
streaming-programs for independent radio stations throughout the world.
It might be useful to carry a small radio with you.

The latest video-clips can be found on From June 2nd -
8th, at 9.00 p.m. they will stream a half hour program with the =E2=80=98=
News of
the Day=E2=80=99 in German and English language. There will also be publi=
screenings of these and other videos at the convergence centre and at
the camps.

We will try to come up with a tiny daily/nightly =E2=80=98newspaper.=E2=80=
=99 It will be
available on the internet, so that everyone can print, copy and share
it. We will try to make these =E2=80=98newspapers=E2=80=99 available at e=
very camp.


If you make an important observation that has to go out immediately for
the up-to-date news or the newsticker: Call: 0162-3568957 (sms and maybe
mms possible as well). Watch out for more phone numbers! This number is
only for incoming news, and not an info hotline!

If you want to participate in the IMC as a translator (all languages),
reporter, tech or in any other form, send an email to (public archive) or
=E2=80=A6or just drop in at the IMC at the convergence centre

If you want to help out the radio, e.g. as reporter:
Contact for video activists:
Contact for still images:
General questions and information about the IMC: 0162-8727086
Any kind of donation or support is welcome and highly appreciated!

One more request:

Taking pictures or video at a protest brings great responsibility with
it. Your material could get people into big trouble no matter whether
they are actively participating or just standing by. Therefore: Take
pictures in a way so that faces can not be recognised (during actions).
Make sure that you take memory-cards/-chips and films to a secure
location regularly, to minimise the risk of confiscation by the police.
In any case, before publishing: All people=E2=80=99s faces must be blurre=
d! Even
those of people who might not have been directly part of an action at
that time.

Important: Make sure that the date and time of your camera is set
correctly, because this can be crucial evidence afterwards. Do help
document police violence and actions in general.

If you report on the protests on your own website and/or upload photos
and videos, please tag your posts with "g8" and "heiligendamm" so they
become part of the independent summit reporting.

( ( ( i ) ) )

R e s i s t =E2=80=93 R e f u s e - R e p o r t

... independent news from the streets for the global community !!!


8 G8 protest information

- Dissent network (10+ languages)
- Small group with a lot of info
incl. newsletter
and newsfeed

more lists:
- International Dissent Network list
- If you want to receive press releases in different languages, mostly
German, subscribe to

Issues that play a role in the mobilisation:
- G8 and agriculture network (5 languages)
- Migration network (engl.)
- Antimilitarism
- International Day of Direct Action Against Climate Change and the G8

Groups and networks:
- Mass blockade network
- Protest coalition
- The NGOs
- Alternative summit

Practical info
- Busses and accomodation for the big demo June 2nd
- Forum for car sharing and travel organization
- Camps
- attac special trains from Austria and Switzerland
- Legal Information
WHEN THE GOING GETS ROUGH What foreigners need to know about german
police and laws for G8:
UK VISITOR WINNER=E2=80=99S GUIDE About police & protest against G8 in Ge=
- Border Situation (will be updated)

Most of the practical info, including translations into many languages,
can be found either at or

for the IMC G8 prep group

You will find updated versions of this email here:


..after the G8? Looking for Jobs. Talk to me.

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