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RE: <nettime> Copyright, Copyleft and the Creative Anti-Commons


I guess the point is that if you are an author, who is willing to
accept money for a work that is offered by someone, who is willing to
pay for the work is counter-revolutionary. :))

If that was not true, then the author wouldn't have had any problem with
markets for cultural goods (aka commercial appropriation). 

But if there are markets there will always be disputes on how the
revenues from a market are divided between different contributors who
participated in the process of production, from the paper maker, via
the writer, illustrator, type-setter, printer, book-binder, publisher,
distributor to the retailer. I see copyright and copyleft as different
solutions to the problem of revenue sharing. Different in term of
how the solution is reached: through lobby-power in legislation or
through grassroots organization. In this respect the whole 'Death of
the Author' discourse is totally indifferent. It is not the author's
ontological status that defines how we think about property rights in
intellectual creations but raw power.

The way to change the hated copyright system is not by denying it but
to gain control over it. User (reader) rights, non-monetary ideals are
underrepresented in current copyright legislations because there was
no institution that could aggregate the interests of the disperse,
atomized individual readers. File-sharing networks just do that. File
sharers are a match to RIAA and other interest groups. though the
first experiments with gaining political momentum have failed, i hope
there is a next time, and/or there is no need for a political arm for


Balazs Bodo

Fulbright Visiting Researcher and Fellow
Stanford Law School
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Budapest University of Technology, 
Department of Sociology and Communications
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