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Re: <nettime> Sodom Blogging - "Alternative porn" and aesthetic

> Its interesting that you don't mention nofauxxx.com at all in your
> > article, and then you come to a conclusion that seems overly simplified.
> > nofauxx is not an example of some kind of psychological unmasking or
> > confessional, as it is more an extension of an existing community in
> > olympia, wa where most people looking at the site already know each other.
> > also, nofauxxx includes models from lots of sexual and gender orientations
> > and doesn't adhere to the same kond of normalcy that suicidegirls.com
> > does, which is often just like playboy with tattoos and piercings.
> I was aware of nofauxxx.com and actuallyed asked "Texte zur Kunst" to
> illustrate my article with a screenshot of its homepage.  (I haven't
> seen the printed magazine yet and therefore can't confirm whether it's
> really in there.) I liked the nofauxxx homepage a lot precisley because
> it perfectly embodies alt.porn stereotypes: Although I agree that the
> site is more interesting than suicidegirls.com or, worse,
> burningangel.com, it has the typical rhetoric of the authentic: "porn
> that doesn't fake it". It calls itself "artistic, political and
> all-inclusive" while the models fit the standard alt.porn post-punk
> standardized looks and the most promiment political statement on the
> page is "JOIN NOW FOR $10!".

I agree that nofauxxx is a great example of a site that has the
problem of claiming to be true and authentic. its obviously in their
name. but, isn't there some kind of visceral reality to porn that
arouses you?

But, you're not addressing my point about nofauxxx being an extension
of a physical community as opposed to a site like suicidegirls that
creates a faux relationship through forums and blogs. Most of the
viewers of nofauxxx.com know each other and most of the models know
each other as they all live in the small city of olympia, wa.

Also, your main critique seems to center around the claim that Gonzo
from the 80s porn is more subversive because it installs gay desires
into the mainstream. But for example, on the site you suggest,
indienudes.com, nofauxxx is in the alt.girl section. This seems to be
either a miscategorization or a misunderstanding because none of the
other sites there are trans-inclusinve or fat-inclusive. i didn't have
time to go through all the links you sent, but nofauxxx is one of the
few sites whose models don't fit the mold you're talking about. they
are of multiple genders, orientations, races and sizes, unlike most of
the sites on indienudes.com that feature skinny punk women. its true
that nofauxxx.com has mostly models with a "post-punk" aesthetic, but
that seems to be a function of the community (or subculture) aspect of
the site.

Also, i wonder how much the concept of a "mainstream" that needs to
have things instaled into it or subverted matters in a time like ours
when its totally feasible to live your life almost completely within a
subculture, be it gay, trans, squatter, punk or s&m. If you live in a
squat, listen to swuater music, read squatter websites and spend all
your time with other squatters, where is the value in trying to change
the "mainstream"?

I'd love to see more links with background reading or other examples.



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