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Re: <nettime> Sodom Blogging - "Alternative porn" and aesthetic sensibility

dont you have enuf to knit such penelope's flannel for doing some cute g
string as 'porn sade schwitterz bataille conceptualism america my dog my
hamburger & duchamp smile's behind the large glass of this triste orgy' etc
just cause we all have enuf of waiting for some mister ulysse who always has
a bigger than us..wohaa enuf, perhaps there is a modern history of law bout
sex & liberty of expression, bout ploitation but nada bout 'pornography'.
and really i wonder if the 120 journees has something to do with
pornographie. cause permit we let aside what pornographie is (ouch, a kinda
rhizomelist debate) in imagining pornographie as a 'practice' be sure sade's
contemporaries knew the ennemies of their plaisure : no archive, no
histrory, no blah just do what thou wilt shall be  the all of the law &
after that just shut up : it was not a posture for those who had zen power.
when pop ? ho just imagining a minute the minutes of the pornographic show
of roman empire, we knew enuf about those shock and awe inspiring
sights..but in those theatre did slave were always slave? but more of the
more is the supper more your honneur, the more slave the best

> The "exploitation" of the porn viewer consists in the false promise
> of obscenity, or its simulation

er just why do you wrote 'false'..do you mean abougraib is
a true one? as an 'eroticism quite successfull' as you funnyly said?er wait
porne+'graphein'..to write about , ha yes if you mean pornography is about
such inky sport then your blah just wanted to be the schwitteresque
subsumation of all others sex tourist trip, la creme de la creme, the
supreme upper art total distillat merzbild ?..tell me if i have to say if
you successfull false or false successfull..there is a differance
but if i  completely misunderstood all i.e. your post aims to find buddies
for  lobbying  wikipedia for an article coining 'foucaldian' as a new genre
just between 'barely legal' & 'women with glasses', count me in!
yes you know here our isp have to keep 1 year of our log..it's more classy
to be filed branded 'foucaldian' than..i dont know..'big butt' or mature
material heavy downloader. haa how much we have to false & fiddle & croock
as much the women soemtimes their pleasure for keeping the honnor of our
descendants. c'est la vie

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