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<nettime> desaparecida Oaxaca

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re all,

you see Oaxaca on the news?

university raided, people disappearing, professors and students shot dead

does the Academy has a word on this?

from my irc logs:

Day changed to 29 Nov 2006
02:32 <- luna: there is this fucking priista lic tool, radio ciudadana, r=
adio son of a lampost
02:33 <- luna: they are naming activists, surnames names, age as well as =
their house streets and numbers
02:33 <- luna: then call for ppl to do "justice"
02:33 <- luna: and then the cars without the numberplates follow
02:34 <- luna: did you know that the priistas where going around the stre=
ets of oaxaca's neighbourhoods a few 4-5 days ago,
02:34 <- luna: making crosses in ppls front doors
02:35 <- luna: for the cops to follow on later at night and brake in?
02:35 <- luna: people where asked in the radio to check their doors and e=
rase the marks, or leave the houses
02:35 <- luna: in "our" radio - the warnings
02:36 <- luna: anyway it is working, most activists are now totally paran=
oid and scared, many leaving

Day changed to 30 Nov 2006
00:20 <- luna: one of the reasons of the hand over is the fear of ppls pe=
               details being spread, like the info of the doctora one of =
the broadcasters
00:20 <- luna: like her car got trashed and her house is public
00:22 <- luna: btw, the phone system thing could become crucial now, the =
mp3 stuff
00:22 <- luna: gracias companero
00:22 -> jaromil:  solid
00:23 -> jaromil:  i'm glad, it's jebba's spark, i didn't had to do much
00:24 <- luna: u made it happen
00:24 -> jaromil:  i have big respect of you, i'm just sitting in my couc=
h at the moment
00:24 <- luna: do you know what is the MB capacity of that sserver?
00:24 -> jaromil:  u have to take care of your ass
00:24 <- luna: and can we sen another system, more public?
00:24 <- luna: set up
00:25 -> jaromil:  i can give it visibility from dyne.org pages
00:25 -> jaromil:  u can see the streamtime.org campaign on those pages
00:25 <- luna: the idea would be to use the sistem now for ppl to leave p=
ersonal report of what they think, want people to know
00:26 <- luna: we can have one system secured-for infraestructure and coo=
00:26 <- luna: one moe public for the pueblo to call in and leave whateve=
r messages they want
00:27 <- luna: know what i mean?
00:29 -> jaromil:  yes, sure
00:29 -> jaromil:  no problem, i'll setup the public one
00:32 <- luna: hey what about making the mp3s available publicly in radio=
.indymeda.org automatically?
00:32 -> jaromil:  it should be easy
00:32 -> jaromil:  you see the thing is a rss feed
00:32 -> jaromil:  there is an icon in the location bar
00:32 -> jaromil:  if you put it in your bookmark toolbar :)
00:32 -> jaromil:  you have a dropdown menu with calls
00:32 -> jaromil:  it's comfy
00:35 <- luna: this has to happen
00:35 <- luna: we have to back up the line
00:35 <- luna: can the system take it down?
00:35 -> jaromil:  i understand
00:35 -> jaromil:  no
00:35 -> jaromil:  the server is well secured
00:36 -> jaromil:  it has come across several attacks
00:58 -> jaromil:  i'm listeningf to peter tosh equal rights
00:58 -> jaromil:  on youtube, if u have bandwidth
00:58 -> jaromil:  i dedicate to you
00:58 -> jaromil:  it was some damn good campaining those raggae vibes
00:58 -> jaromil:  no websites at that time

Day changed to 01 Dec 2006
11:44 -> jaromil:  i heard situation is a bit more relaxed there?
11:45 <- luna: no
11:45 <- luna: the situation is not relaxed
11:45 <- luna: now we are looking for "fosas comunes"
11:45 <- luna: common graves
11:45 <- luna: but it is imposible to do
11:45 <- luna: the especial operations cops are all over the place
11:46 <- luna: stoping people and dissapearing
11:46 -> jaromil:  fck
11:46 <- luna: they closed down the coordination tool of the movement, ra=
dio universidad
11:46 <- luna: people are to scared to defend it
11:46 <- luna: but we are trying to set up more
11:47 <- luna: but today is action day, the new president of mexico, chie=
f fascist takes power
11:47 <- luna: he has declared that it will take mexican deaths to restor=
e order in mexico
11:47 <- luna: they made a coup yesterday night
12:40 -> jaromil:  http://www.jornada.unam.mx:8080/ultimas/refuerza-la-ma=
11:48 <- luna: the paramilitaries are happy
11:55 <- luna: it was happening 2 nights ago too
11:55 <- luna: http://www.jornada.unam.mx:8080/ultimas/costara-vidas-la-e=
11:56 <- luna: that article explains the declaration of the sistematic pi=
litical movement cleansing policy of the new government
11:57 <- luna: one day we will have one of the executors on trial, perhap=
s 30 years from now if we are lucky, just after they get alzeimers and
               one week before they die from a heart attack
11:57 -> jaromil:  exactly
11:57 <- luna: ah
11:57 -> jaromil:  if ur lucky u get the attention of amnesty internation=
al in some weeks
11:57 <- luna: btw
11:58 -> jaromil:  but well, nothing that will really help anyway
11:58 <- luna: i heard berlusconi fainted in the best dictator way posibl=
11:58 <- luna: sounds like a joke
11:58 -> jaromil:  oh yes, but he is out of hospital already
11:58 -> jaromil:  he was reanimated by a doctor with big beard
11:58 <- luna: fantastic organisation those fuckers have
11:58 -> jaromil:  he woke up shouting "oh my god, bin laden"
11:59 <- luna: JA
11:59 -> jaromil:  really, was on da newspaper with photo of this freaky =
doctor with very long beard
11:59 <- luna: but it was all to avoid going to court or something like t=
11:59 -> jaromil:  i don't know if he had some court appeal in the time
12:04 <- luna: look there is also the issue of nazi radio oaxaca
12:04 -> jaromil:  if you want my opinion about ur situation
12:04 <- luna: they keep pointing out names and addresses of activists
12:04 -> jaromil:  think twice before putting yourself in danger
12:04 -> jaromil:  what is happening should be covered globally
12:05 <- luna: but we know they are hosted in germany so if ppl cant take=
 them down, pehaps we can target their german hosts
12:05 <- luna: yeah, globally and locally
12:05 <- luna: without the radio and with special force police in streets=
, the movement is half dead
12:05 <- luna: add to that the silent "picking out" of activists
12:05 <- luna: one by one
12:06 <- luna: and it is a matter of time - and this end is near
12:06 <- luna: people understand the dangers, ok?
12:06 <- luna: living with it
12:06 -> jaromil:  sure
12:07 <- luna: but people have also lost families and friends and the que=
stion is
12:07 <- luna: for how long?
12:07 <- luna: or like the song says
12:07 <- luna: if not you then who?
12:07 <- luna: we know ppl are going to have to die
12:07 <- luna: some are not scared some are but carry on
12:08 <- luna: more worried about the children and the wives and the moth=
12:08 <- luna: know what i mean?
12:08 <- luna: it has to be done
12:44 <- luna: did you know brad will?
12:46 -> jaromil:  not personally, maybe here and there
12:46 <- luna: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D8o_QAf6TfUg&mode=3Drelate=
12:46 <- luna: its hard video, it is not his video
12:46 <- luna: but it is better if you dont know him
12:46 <- luna: u can see him running around in the background
12:47 <- luna: but the shit from the priistas saying that appo killed him=
 is lies
13:14 -> jaromil:  http://lists.fse-esf.org/pipermail/fse-esf/2006-Novemb=

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