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<nettime> old and new media: the fight is on

(Old and new media, once seen by some as a jolly hybrid, are ready for 
a fight. Watch this video: a clash between a 'journalist' and a 
'shockblog' founder. Wikipedia reports that "on 30 November 2006, a 
senior journalist at The Daily Telegraph, Glenn Milne, had to be 
restrained and escorted from the stage of Melbourne's Crown Casino 
Palladium Ballroom, after he attacked and berated another journalist 
during the prestigious Walkley journalism awards." Thanks to Josephine 
Starrs for the pointer. Geert)


THE most prestigious night in Australian journalism erupted into farce 
last night when one of the nation's leading political commentators 
physically assaulted a rival.

A red-faced Glenn Milne marched on to the stage during the presentation 
of an award by Stephen Mayne and abused the founder of the Crikey 

He pushed Mayne in the chest and repeatedly referred to him as "a 
disgrace". Mayne jumped off stage as Milne, slurring his words, 
continued to abuse him.

Milne, who writes for the Sunday Herald Sun, Sunday Telegraph and The 
Australian, was restrained by security guards and escorted off stage.

There has been bad blood between the pair since 2005 when Mayne 
criticised Milne's reporting of a squabble between NSW politicians Bob 
Carr and John Brogden.

"I just saw this man with drunken, wild eyes coming at me. He threw me 
off the stage. It was quite a drop and I've twinged my ankle as a 
result," Mayne said. "Glenn Milne is not even in the top 50 Crikey 
victims list. This proves what thin-skinned souls some journalists 


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