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Re: <nettime> nettime as idea

Sorry of my very special notorious Francophone Anglophone;-) but if
we can speak in French on Empyre from time to time, here it is not
possible in spite of one aspect of the information on nettime-list in
the homepage nettime.org.

I can't speak on the "net(...)" for the most of "(...)time" and
specially since more of a year (can be two years). But of the prime
history of nettime-l by knowledge I can see how and what, even not
from my practice from one hand; anyway my proper emails not being
resent as well as I am not from academics even not as self academic,
as more I do mot master Anglophone languages. At last : I'm afraid
that I would present all the characters that being considered here as
"babies", so "little", so "small" by a way appearing that it would
not be possible to think or Anglophone even being myself a thing but
not a system. I have discovered a sort of integrated xenophobia or
corporatism (or political line masked by corporatism that you can call
of a part tribute to academic) that I could not imagine, as old I am
as I cannot see before in the side of activism.

More impossible to exist in a margin of the community that is exactly
the question of "otherness", of the welcome "other" as common human of
political exchange in critical fields.

My own regard in matter of critical theory (and of the criticism of
representative theory nowadays) is all on the other. (but anyone can
have other choice, I can respect it if it does not disallow me to
exist ? a radical or critical theory in Politics by these days could
be contained inside of a really simply ( short ) sentence : by this
way I mean of RSS both senses of the feed.

Regarding the hard rock answer from any one to Geert about the
unpossible claiming of nettime foundation it stays that I want to
notice from my part that this foundation is exactly the abstract
purpose to inform the future subscribers of the list in both and
relative to each other abstracts:

 " <nettime> is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an
international, networked discourse that neither promotes a dominant
euphoria (to sell products) nor continues the cynical pessimism,
spread by journalists and intellectuals in the 'old' media who
generalize about 'new' media with no clear understanding of their
communication aspects. we have produced, and will continue to produce
books, readers, and web sites in various languages so an 'immanent'
net critique will circulate both on- and offline.

<nettime> is slightly moderated.


      the formation of the nettime group goes back to spring 1995.
A first meeting called <nettime> was organized in june 1995, at the
Venice Bienale, as a part of the Club Berlin event. The list itself
took off in the fall. A first compilation on paper appeared in January
1996, at the second Next Five Minutes events (the so-called ZKP
series). The list organized its own conference in Ljubljana in May
1997, called 'The Beauty and the East'. A 556 pages nettime anthology
came out in 1999: Readme! Ascii Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge.
Autonomedia: New York (ISBN: 1570270899). "

===> what stays of it right now? while people were/(are still?)
following to subscribe believing this multi dialectical symbolic
typo-arborescence integrating life, technology, hypermedia, social
utopia, history, and Arts, the opening of the world through the
opening of the sources, through progressive nettime installation
since 1995 till 1999? just clicking "info" of "nettime-l" at
http://www.nettime.org/ http://www.nettime.org/info.html

Of which academism or theory are you discussing or power linked
to reductionism view whatever being the fields you moderate? But
certainly not from the point of view of the changing time. It is a
new morning, that one of the security and current war as mean instead
of politics and critical political economy. They are the mean of the
global power itself to destroy all other reality. Taking the same
weapons as virtual solution of the critical ideas and practices it
cannot be the good solution under my view. But the changing time as
reflecting subject of the common. What have changed since 1999? Web,
society, political power, education, emigration and so on... As global
as singular or local?

But please not denying of this history or you will never know of your
own memory while you abusively pretend to hold it to the largest
common tribute.

>From this point of view, I think that Geert's provocation on closing
the list to have it reborning from this new time, it is really
interesting as logical activist attitude happening in real time of
the mails against misunderstanding and mortification. It is a defy to
be able in telling or analyzing of the changes: web transformations,
global and local multi dialectical security, political, social and
cultural environments, objectives, subjects, codes, means... Even
connection / disconnection.

And more of the public archives regarding the new laws of copyright
facing the quote and facing spam that is quite a new situation (
all different was the time of having to open web information to the
largest web ).

May be not of a real conclusion of the list but a real mean to keep it
safe from all its external and internal enclosures.

The question of the death of the list it is not of the decision to
close it ( even it would be or not be closed at last ) it is of the
end as living solution to create again ( the same as musics front of
the repetitive rythmics which get it progressing, there is a moment
where the composition has to finish with the rythm to have the form of
the end as event, then everything is ready to the next creation ).

Re borning situation of creating among the others is not a death,
this is life. The end of meta culture at the moment the risk is that
becoming meta meta culture it would have lost all its critical social
roots to an exclusive event of abstracted power ( that would be a no
event ;-) it is a not the death of the things, all the contrary. Can
be re borning from itself in the same place and under the same address
or not, whatever the browser to support it.


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