John Young on Sat, 10 Jun 2006 12:24:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> nettime as idea

NYC is awash in terrorism profits -- stock market, vulture capitalism,
classified academic studies, lucrative spying beyond anything
ever experienced in the capital of world espionage and electronic
surveillance, the NYC Red Squad ballooned into a wannabe CIA, the
mayor richer than Soros and snorting the coke of leading the free
world ambition -- so why not fuck with the celebrity intellectual
fashionista party scene here. Thousands of bright youngs and olds
are ready to pimp-whore their plagiarisms here as on the hustings,
and there's no business like techno-blow business, no insult meant
toward the weariers pretty well burned out from exporting information
confucianism around the globe, well, to bilderburgers.

Weird that NYC never seemed to get the point of the cyber-liberty
run up and run down, so out of it the movement was understood only
as another carny to be imitated. Only the fringes of the city's main
action -- stealing and robbing -- got in on the small beans and that
by getting deeper in debt.

A small event in NYC is impossible, rather there are so many none can
be noticed except as tiny ads stuck above toilet paper dispensers by
pr agents of the downtrodden, which remains the leading profession of
cultural unaffiliateds forever drunk on autodidactism.

Two people lunching interviewing each other, imagining one is the

Ted Byfield creates events just by being there, I've seen flocks of
hangers-on seeking his magic.

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