roberta buiani on Fri, 9 Jun 2006 16:29:02 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> nettime as idea

On 9-Jun-06, at 10:38 AM, Felix Stalder wrote:
> I agree, on many levels, nettime works quite well, so there is not an
> urgent need to change something. But, this does not mean it cannot be
> improved. Sure it can. But to do that, we need concrete ideas, what
> would you, personally, individually, like to see in nettime, and how
> do you put up the resources to do it? The easiest thing is to do it
> yourself. Silvan Zurbueck did that when he wanted an rss feed for
> nettime, he took the feed, pumped into a blog, and now there is an rss
> feed. [1] Tobias van Veen did that when he wanted to hold a nettime
> meeting in NA, and now we had it. Great. They had an idea, they
> figured out a way of doing it (by doing it themselves and roping in
> others to contribute). This is how things work, not by telling others
> what they should or should not do. The same goes for the various
> nettime lists in other languages. People came up with the idea of
> doing something, and they are doing it. Most of the people on this
> list are not aware of that, because these lists are in languages few
> of us speak.

yes, nettime works well, but it works better in these occasions (I  
think I've seen somebody say "it turns to itself"). isn't this a sign  
that maybe not only the list, but also the way we deal with it need  
to be revamped? and that maybe it should not be about reflection of  
what has already happened but about something that could happen?

individual initiatives are always welcome, but  if the initiative is  
left to a few individuals, what would the results be? NNA was not  
very well attended (we were a bunch of people mainly form montreal,  
toronto and a few courageous from NY),  the issues touched were  
nothing but a very small portion of what could have been achieved  
with the help and the support of a larger and more diverse crowd. am  
I too idealistic to hope for the best possible outcomes? maybe there  
were no questions people were asked to reply to? (and here it was  
probably up to everybody to put items on the table, not just to the  
organizers who did more than enough, shame on me that didn't think  
about it before).


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