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Re: <nettime> Definitions

mark, list,

> Media is our environment -- therefore it has to be described  
> environmentally.

interesting view. yet the notion of environment (to me) implies  
remoteness. even untouchable static qualities. as every metaphor, it  
emphasises certain qualities of the concept it is used upon  
(ubiquity, personal stand-/viewpoint, presence) and shadows others  
(personal expression, closeness, augmentation of what lies behind).

> The previous environment was mass-media (aka electric media,  
> beginning with telegraph in the 1860's) and it was associated with  
> the environment of TOTAL CONTROL.  Propaganda and brainwashing are  
> among the more important features of a mass-media environment.   
> Marxism and Fascism (i.e. "scientific socialism") were the result  
> of this environment.

and what about "america's army"?

> The environment began to change in the 1990's.  Initially people  
> attempted to emulate mass-media with the Internet.  Magazines were  
> a particularly popular format and eye-catching ads were supposed to  
> pay the way.  When this didn't work, there was a BUBBLE COLLAPSE.   
> (If you're interested, refer to my comments on Hot Wired in July  
> 1996 on this topic.)

but of course - this is how the story happened.

> Television was the dominant mass medium throughout all of our  
> earlier lifetimes.  It isn't anymore.

radio is the most consumed medium worldwide. followed by tv, afaik.

> We are now living in a completely new environment.  Mass-media  
> still exists but it doesn't WORK anymore.  The term "New Media" is  
> just one way of recognizing this environmental change.  "New  
> Environment" would probably be a better term.

yes and no. the question is if the notion of "media" can be kept in  
flux or if it has to settle (as olia suggests in relating it strictly  
to computers, thus technology).

as long as we communicate, there have to be media of communication.  
but of course we experience these in the form of environments. but  
does that make media environments or is it just another view after  
seeing them from/as memes, metaphors and technology.


ps: sorry for the delay - my mails take ages to reach the list and i  
had to finish a paper.

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