Roland on Sun, 20 Nov 2005 02:23:21 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Paris Isn't Burning (but the Banlieues Did)

Peter Lunenfeld a =E9crit :

> French blogs have been featuring two images from US cable news
> networks. The first is purported to be a CNN graphic of France
> showing the cities where the riots have been taking place. The only
> problem is that the cities are all in the wrong place (Paris where
> Lille really is, Lille is on the the coast, Toulouse is on the
> Swiss-Italian border, etc.), and the country identifier, FRANCE, is
> deep within Germany. There's some debate as to whether it actually
> ran, or is some sort of meta-commentary on American geographical
> ignorance.

In fact those errors come from Google. You can try with Google Earth and=20
search for french cities. Most of them are misplaced (you have to=20
actively search like "Marseille, France", if you simply zoom in the map=20
the locations are correct). They also have this problem with many German=20
cities  (Berlin goes to Denmark for instance).

And an update about those troubles :
- last night in Grenoble, 2000 to 3000 person were pitted against the=20
police in the city centre. They were not poor, black or muslim...
- last night also, ~100 car were burnt all over the country, and the=20
police is considering that that is "normal". 30.000 car have been burnt=20
since the beginning of 2005.

The situation is much more complex than a simple case of immigration.

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