Sonia Katyal on Sat, 19 Nov 2005 10:31:10 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> India in December?

Dear Nettimers:

Hello--I hope all of you are well.  My name is Sonia Katyal, and I am a
South Asian law professor who specializes in intellectual property and
civil rights with a focus on new media at Fordham Law School in New York
City.  A bunch of you helped me out immensely on my piece on graffiti
art a while back, and so I thought I would write again- first of all to
say hello, and second, because I am planning a trip to India in
December, specifically to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, and
would love to meet up with folks on this list serve.  Part of the reason
I am heading to India is hopefully to speak to law students and lawyers
regarding Fordham's new one year intellectual property/ information
technology law program.  Because of my background, we are particularly
interested in developing a closer relationship with law students and
lawyers in South Asia, and would love to bring more students to Fordham
who are interested in the issues surrounding intellectual property law,
civil/human rights and technology.  

Anyway, I should be in India throughout December, and would welcome the
opportunity to meet and speak with folks on any other intellectual
property issue that might be of interest.  My own scholarly work
concentrates on the relationship between copyright, trademark and civil
rights protections like privacy and freedom of expression, and I would
be happy to chat with folks about doing workshops or talks that may be
of interest to them while I am in India.  A bunch of law professors in
the States are really interested in developing more relationships with
cyberlaw folks in South Asia, and I'd love to hear more about some of
the issues facing lawyers and scholars today.  Please feel free to take
a look at my faculty web site at Fordham Law School
(; you'll see that a lot of my work concentrates
on cyberlaw surveillance and art law.

Please feel free to contact me individually if I can be of service to
you--I would really be thrilled to meet up with nettime folks while I am
there.  I'm planning to go to the Information Technology and Society
meeting in hyderabad in December and hope maybe some folks from this
list will also be there. 

Finally, if you are interested, here is our web site on Fordham's one
year program: 

thanks so much, and hope everyone is well, 


Sonia K. Katyal
Associate Professor of Law
Fordham Law School
140 W. 62nd St.
New York, NY 10023

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