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<nettime> Authorities Target Paris Riot Bloggers

I think that a critical question to ask is how the Paris riots spread
so widely? Was is because of the nightly television news? Was it
because of bloggers? How did the killings of two migrant north african
children turn into the largest scale rioting france has ever seen? Is
it only because of the rage created by the cruel migration controls and
racism that people experience everyday? If so, why hasn't it happened
in more places? Surely migrant people from Mexico have to endure
similar harassment every day of their lives. Is it because of the lack
of available work or the feeling of agency created by the wide media
coverage of the rioting? Should other bloggers in solidarity with the
Paris uprising fear criminal charges as well? This kind of police
interaction with blogs also gets to the question of who hosts and
controls blogs and what those implications are...

"From Boston.com:

    Paris prosecutors opened an inquiry Tuesday into two young bloggers
who urged French youths to riot and revolt against the police, a
judicial official said.

    Conviction on the charge could carry a sentence of up to five years
in prison and a $52,800 fine.
    One of the blogs was called "sarkodead", a reference to Interior
Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who inflamed passions when he called
troublemakers "scum." Both "sarkodead" and "hardcore" were hosted by
Skyblog, a branch of the popular Skyrock radio station.

    The blogs were taken off line this weekend, and the radio station
cooperated with police, judicial officials said."

Found on http://blog.guerillascience.com/?p=3D259 on


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