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Re: <nettime> a new definition

Le 7 nov. 05, =E0 00:53, Florian Cramer a =E9crit :

> Olia:
>> Because New media does not "usually refer" to relatively recent mass=20=

>> media. It
>> does not "usually refer" to mass media discourse. It refers to the=20
>> digital medium:
>> computer, computer networks. And unfortunately to "interactive media=20=

>> and other
>> forms of multimedia" when it comes to giving definitions.
> I don't think this has always been true. McLuhan, for example, already=20=

> uses the
> term "new media" in his writings from the 1960s.

in its time,
acrylic painting was called new media.

-/ giving definitions ! hahahahahahah! don't be silly ! /-=

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