sam de silva on Wed, 9 Nov 2005 13:17:16 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> 35,000 feet and surfing...


I am sorry if the nettime audience is already familiar with it - but about 30
minutes ago, I turned on my laptop and noticed a wireless connection...

Within a few minutes I was online (at US$10 / hour or something like US$30 for the
whole flight).

It's not often I get excited about technology and especially net technology - but
this experience is really making me feel like I am discovering something new!!
It's a strange experience surfing the net while flying...

I still can't believe that I am using my notebook at 35,000 feet - located
somewhere between Sydney and Singapore - pulling down email, skyping (yes - voice
calls work fine) and sending this email.

So, greetings to Nettime community - I hope this message does get through, and
please forgive me for sending such an self-indulgent message.

If it's old news to Nettimers - hopefully a moderator will block this message :-)

If you want to know more - here's the url: ... Am
assuming it's a satellite connection of some sort.

So, I wonder how far seamless connectivity is? Though most likely, they'll make
disconnect you during landing and take-off.

Best wishes, Sam :-)

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